Are Camoplast tracks interchangeable?

Your Camoplast / Camso track system is interchangeable with over 99% of brands and models. You can keep the same track system and install it on your new machine.

Are ATV and UTV tracks the same?

Will ATV tracks work on a UTV? ATV tracks will not work on a UTV, and UTV tracks will not work on an ATV; they are not interchangeable. However, your ATV tracks will likely fit other ATVs if you get a model-specific installation kit for the new machine.

How much wider is an ATV with tracks?

How wide is an ATV with tracks? Installing tracks to your ATV will typically increase the width by 8-10 inches. ATV width with tracks is about 56 to 60 inches (142 – 152 cm).

Is Camso and camoplast the same?

Camso, formerly known as Camoplast Solideal, is a privately owned Canadian company that is a manufacturer and service supplier of products for off-the-road vehicles. They serve the material handling, construction, agriculture and powersport industries.

How much are Camso tracks?

Your Camso track system is interchangeable with virtually every brand and model, so you can keep the same track system and install it on your new vehicle! Pricing for the complete transfer kit with installation instructions starts at $499.

How long do Camoplast tracks last?

How long do Camoplast tracks last? But to give you a ballpark number: if you only use the system in the winter, diligently maintain it and properly store it when not in use, etc., a track system can last about 10 years.

Is Camso the same as camoplast?

Camoplast Solideal has changed its name to Camso. Canadian snowmobile track manufacturer Camoplast Solideal – the company that makes the factory-installed tracks for Arctic Cat, Polaris, Ski-Doo and Yamaha snowmobiles – has changed its name to Camso and created a new logo for the brand.

Is Camso better than kimpex for steep roads?

Camso perform better in the steeps where we ride. Kimpex is a close second. They are the only 2 I would even consider at this time. For what you’re going to do, you wouldn’t see a difference between them. I don’t know if the 400 has power steering or not.

Why choose kimpex commander WS4 ATV tracks?

Kimpex designed the Commander WS4 ATV and UTV tracks to provide solid traction year-round. A heavy-duty sprocket is used to keep it four-season compatible and reduce vibration.

How much does a kimpex commander track kit cost?

The Kimpex Commander WSS4 track kit has a steel frame with 12.5-inch-wide front and 14-inch-wide rear tracks. Treads are 1-inch front and 1.3-ich rear. Each front assembly weighs 91 pounds. Each rear assembly weighs 112 pounds. Ground contact surface area is 2430 square inches. Prices start at $4259. Contact Mattracks M3.

What is the CAMSO ATV T4S track kit?

The Camso ATV T4S track kit is designed for 300 cc to 1000 cc engine sizes. It includes drive sprockets specifically matched to your engine size, mounted on a solid steel tubular frame. Camso systems are designed with ease and durability in mind to minimize maintenance and simplify your life.