Are Kia Souls good in accidents?

Overall Rating: 4 Stars. Frontal Crash: 4 Stars. Side Crash: 5 Stars. Rollover: 4 Stars.

How reliable is a 2014 Kia Soul?

How Reliable Is the 2014 Kia Soul? The 2014 Kia Soul has a dependability rating of four out of five from J.D. Power and Associates. That’s above average for the class and for the market. Still, several other 2014 model year compact cars get similar or better scores, including the Chevrolet Cruze and Honda Civic .

What are the most common problems with the Kia Soul?

The most common problem with the 2017 model year is engine failure, courtesy of knocking. Some owners reported that their engines made loud knocking noises, loss of power, engine dying, or smoke. It can happen at around 80,000 miles.

Do Kia Souls cause accidents?

You Can’t Go Wrong With a Kia Soul (Or Can You?) Although the 2015 Kia Soul has a higher-than-average rate of engine failure, the company sold 147,133 units that year, and Car Complaints reports 29 incidents. You could triple that number, and it still wouldn’t amount to one in a thousand.

Do Kia Souls flip easily?

NHTSA Ratings: Second-generation Kia Soul (2014-2019) It earned five stars for both frontal and side crashes, and a four-star rating for the rollover test.

Are Kia Souls safe for new drivers?

Kia Soul is best car for first time drivers, teenagers Browse our daily-updated Kia news blog to find more reasons why every car buyer should put the vehicle at the top of their car shopping list.

Which Kia Souls are being recalled?

Kia Motors America (Kia) is recalling certain 2017-2019 Sedona, Soul, Soul EV, 2017-2018 Forte, and 2017 Forte Koup vehicles. The Air Bag Control Unit (ACU) cover may contact a memory chip on the printed circuit board and damage the electrical circuit.

Are there any recalls on 2014 Kia Soul?

Kia Motors America (Kia) is recalling certain 2014 Soul vehicles. The front air bags may not deploy during a crash if the Air Bag Control Unit (ACU) loses communication with the front impact sensors. Tip: Recalls don’t affect every vehicle of the same year, make and model.

What year Kia Soul is being recalled?

The vehicles recalled are 253,281 2017–2019 Kia Soul and 953 Soul EV models, with 47,690 Kia Sedona minivans from 2017–2019 and 108,693 2017–2018 Kia Forte cars also included. Kia will send out notifications to owners starting in March.

Are Kia Souls safe driving?

For the 2020 model year the Kia Soul does rank among the most safe cars that are on the market. The Soul got an IIHS rating of top safety pick for the small car category. This generation of the Kia Soul comes standard with many more safety options than the previous years.

Do Kia Souls last long?

A well-maintained Kia Soul often runs around 200,000 miles or more. The newer models will likely last longer. The Kia Soul now competes with Honda and Toyota models when it comes to a vehicle’s lifespan.