Are Taliban fighters well trained?

“We’ve seen a remarkable professionalization of the Taliban since the middle of the 2000s,” he told AFP. “The war they are fighting is not the same as the one their parents fought against the Soviets. They’ve learned from the ground and they are very good technically.”

What are the tactics of the Taliban?

Using sticky bombs – magnetic bombs usually stuck to the underside of cars – the attacks targeted Taliban members in exactly the same way the Taliban itself used to hit officials and civil society figures to destabilize the former government.

Who trained the Taliban Special Forces?

the CIA
In the days before the Taliban took full control of Afghanistan, an elite group of Afghan special forces trained by the CIA helped evacuate more than 2,000 American citizens and permanent residents, in what would be among the Afghans’ last missions with their American partners before leaving the country, according to …

Does the Taliban have special forces?

The most visible group in recent weeks has been an elite military force known as Badri 313, a highly disciplined battalion-size force designed to be the nexus of a new Islamist-oriented Afghan army to replace the U.S.-backed army that melted away before the Kabul fall.

Why the Afghan army won t fight?

“We didn’t fight because the government didn’t say you have to fight it,” the Kabul commando said. “The Ministry of Defense didn’t say you have to fight.” It’s a political decision, he added — it’s not about the willingness to fight. Now, the Afghan commandos have either left for other countries or are in hiding.

What is it like to live under the Taliban?

Afghans living under the Taliban’s thumb describe an intensely religious group that still rules by fear and intimidation and crushes dissent. Women are still largely banned from working outside the home, locals say.

What happened to Afghan special forces?

As the United States withdrew its forces, Afghanistan special operators were largely moved under the command of the Defense Ministry.

Who supply weapon to Taliban?

After the US troops left Afghanistan, the Taliban amassed a large number of weapons. Pentagon officials earlier had pointed out that advanced weaponry was disabled before troops left, but thousands of weapons were still available for the Taliban, according to the NYT report.

What is a ghost in military terms?

Ghost soldiers or ghost battalions are names appearing on military rolls, but who are not actually in military service, generally in order to divert part of the soldiers’ salaries to an influential local entity such as army officers or others.