Can a Corvette be a daily driver?

But the real genius of the first Corvette to put the engine behind its driver can’t be fully appreciated until you’ve lived with it as a daily driver. At $72,000, my base tester Corvette C8 was drop-dead gorgeous, quick as lightning, yet a practical mule for a weekend road trip up north.

Are Corvettes good for long drives?

After all, motoring around the country is practically one the top American pastimes, so why not do it in a great American car like the Chevrolet Corvette! That’s according to the editors over at Kelley Blue Book who have named the 2019 Chevrolet Corvette to the top of their list of Best Road Trip Cars of 2019.

Can you drive a Corvette in cold weather?

The Corvette can only drive in moderate snowfall. Unless you deliberately want to know how it feels to get stuck in snow with a sports car, never drive in heavy snow. Keep your car in the garage and use a truck or SUV, if you have one, or just stay at home.

What are the safety tips for office workers?

Here are seven safety tips for office workers to prevent workplace injuries: Make sure your desk setup is ergonomic. To maintain a neutral posture, your head should be centered over your neck and shoulders, wrists flat and elbows resting comfortably at your side. Take regular breaks to get up and move around.

How do you create a culture-driven office safety strategy?

When people in the office look for and report hazards, give peers feedback on safe and at-risk behavior, volunteer for safety committees, and make suggestions for improvement, these are signs of an effective culture-driven strategy. Identify (or create) office safety champions.

What are the different types of office safety checklists?

Office Safety Checklists 1 OSHA Office Safety Checklist 2 Office Safety Walkthrough Checklist 3 Office Risk Assessment 4 OSHA Ergonomic Computer Workstation Checklist 5 Office Accident Investigation More

How do you manage top management in a safety culture?

Top management must be visible and involved in communications (e.g., leading each communication with a safety message, comment, or statement addressed to the whole organization). Provide necessary training to employees.