Does ComEd still give free light bulbs?

Once the assessment is completed, trained technicians will install free energy-saving products in all of the tenant units and common areas. These products may include: ENERGY STAR® certified LED bulbs.

Does ComEd change light bulbs?

In-Home Energy Assessment. ComEd will replace the incandescent and halogen light bulbs throughout your home with ENERGY STAR® certified LED bulbs.

Is ComEd a light?

ComEd provides instant in-store discounts on select ENERGY STAR® certified LEDs (limit 24 per customer) and LED fixtures (limit 6). Look for the ComEd “Lower Price” sticker to save on a variety of energy-efficient lighting products at participating retail stores. Prices shown reflect the instant discount.

How can I get a free light bulb?

Check your local utility companies for free energy-saving products, often called Energy Conservation or Efficiency Kits. You may be able to get free light bulbs, power strips, faucet aerators, shower heads and more!

Does ComEd pay for lost food?

ComEd says customers can file claims for things like spoiled food and property damage. You can either file a claim online or call ComEd and they will mail the claim for to you. Once the form is received, you will be assigned a case manager and they will determine if your claim meets the criteria for reimbursement.

What is ComEd phone number?

(800) 334-7661Commonwealth Edison Company / Customer service

What is ComEd energy efficiency program?

The ComEd® Energy Efficiency Program, which is funded in compliance with state law, offers assessments, rebates, discounts and recycling programs to help customers save money and teach them to use energy more wisely.

What is a free energy kit?

Staff and families at participating schools can request a FREE Energy Kit to save energy in their homes, and help their school and classrooms win cash rewards.

How much are energy efficient light bulbs?

When purchased in a multipack, LEDs that replace 60-watt incandescents are around $2 per bulb. LEDs are 85 percent more efficient than old incandescents, needing only around 10 watts (units of power) to deliver the same amount of light as the old 60-watt bulb.

What does ComEd include?

ComEd’s electricity bill contains three main sections of charges: Electricity Supply Services, Delivery Services, and Taxes and Other.