Does Discount Tire have motorcycle tires?

Discount Tire does not sell motorcycle or dirt bike tires. However, some locations will provide air pressure checks. Although we cannot service them, we are passionate about all things motorsports and are proud sponsors of Monster Energy Supercross.

Does Walmart replace motorcycle tires?

Does Walmart Change Motorcycle Tires? Unfortunately, you cannot get your motorcycle tires replaced at any Walmart Auto Care Center. This is mainly because Walmart’s automotive department does not have the correct specialized equipment to safely and effectively remove and replace motorcycle tires.

Can you put a car tire on a motorcycle?

Dark Siders Darksiders simply replace their rear tire with a Car Tire. Running car tires on motorcycles is commonly known as “The Dark Side”. Those riders on car tires are known as “Dark Siders”, and they generally only fit a car tire to the rear wheel of the motorcycle.

How many miles can a motorcycle tire last?

Still, you shouldn’t expect to get more than around three thousand miles out of any hardcore performance tire. Although the front tire will often outlast the rear, most riders choose to replace both at the same time for safety’s sake.

How often should you replace motorcycle tires?

every 5-6 years
As with most consumables, tires have a shelf life. Motorcycle tire manufacturers advise that even if a tire has lots of remaining treads, the drying out of the tire’s multiple rubber compounds means it will need replacing every 5-6 years.

What does dark siding a motorcycle mean?

This is what’s referred to as “Dark Siding”: that is, mounting a car tire on the rear wheel of a motorcycle. The good news is, the swap (once I got that used-up stiff-as-hell heavy-bike cruiser tire off there) went really easy. Do you know why it’s so easy to mount car tires? That’s the bad news.

Why does my motorcycle wobble at high speeds?

Any faulty, worn out or incorrectly maintained component in the steering components, can cause situations at high speed where the front contact patch will end up out of alignment. This can lead to speed wobble. That’s why it’s so important to make sure your motorcycle is properly maintained and safe to ride.

What is the yellow dot on a motorcycle tire?

Yellow dot is light spot (balance) on tire. When there is a yellow and a red dot, the yellow is the light spot (balance), the red is the high spot (roundness).

What is the best motorcycle tire repair kit?

Safety Seal KAP30 Tire Repair Kit. Why we like it: The Safety Seal KAP30 Tire Repair Kit is a good quality case that is easy to use,even by

  • Grit Performance Tire Repair Kit. Why we like it: The Grit Performance Tire Repair Kit contains everything that you need to ensure that you fix up your tire properly.
  • Boulder Tools Tire Repair Kit.
  • Are cheap tires the best tires for You?

    The best tires are usually expensive, but there are plenty of good cheap tires, too. Click to see the top five cheap tire brands and which models we recommend.

    Do motorcycle tires last longer than car tires?

    Moto tires do not last very long compared to car tires, and the faster or more aggressively one rides, the tire life is shortened proportionally. Moto tires are sold according to the expected use. Touring tires are expected to last the longest, but are the least forgiving when it comes to traction, because the harder rubber tread doesn’t stick to the road as well.

    What is the best motorcycle tire changer?

    Wanheyao Motorcycle Bike Tire Change Kit. A set of three tire lever spoons that are perfect for motorcycle wheels and come in a handy case.

  • No-Mar Motorcycle Tire Changer. This is a tire changer tool with a difference!
  • Pit Posse Motorcycle Tire Changing.