How can I check my Baguio water bill online?

To view water bills, consumers may visit and click on the “online water bill inquiry” box found at the left side of the home menu.

How do I pay Bawadi online?

Step by Step Guide on How to Pay Your BWD Bill Using GCash

  1. STEP 1: Connect to the Internet.
  2. STEP 2: Download the GCash App.
  3. STEP 3: Create a GCash Account.
  4. STEP 4: Tap “Pay Bills”
  5. STEP 5: Choose “Water Utilities”
  6. STEP 6: Select “Baguio Water District”
  7. STEP 7: Input Account Details.
  8. STEP 8: Choose Payment Source.

Where can I pay my water bill in Baguio?

SM Mall Bills Payment Center (during store hours Mondays to Sundays)

  • Savemore-Cedar Peak, Mabini Street (store hours Mondays to Sundays)
  • Development Bank of the Philippines (DBP through ATM nationwide)
  • USSC Super Service Store Baguio-Benguet Branches. USSC – Abanao Square. USSC – Bonifacio Street.
  • Where does Baguio water come from?

    “Seventy percent of our drinking water is from deep wells which are being extracted by BWD. Around 20 percent comes from Busol watershed, 5 percent from Buyog watershed and the remaining 5 percent is sourced from the Sto. Tomas catchment basin in Mount Santo Tomas,” he said.

    Where can I pay BWD?

    Apart from PayMaya, other available and accredited BWD payment centers and facilities include; GCash thru the GCash application; 7-Eleven Stores via the CLIQQ mobile application (nationwide); SM Bills Payment Center; Savemore Supermarket; USSC Super Service Stores (Baguio and Benguet branches); Development Bank of the …

    Where can I pay my Dcwd bill?

    Davao City Water District advises customers to directly transact all service requests and pay water bills in its Bajada, Matina, and Toril offices and Victoria Plaza collection center and pay water bills in its SM Lanang and Felcris Centrale collection centers.

    Can you pay water bill thru GCash?

    There are multiple ways to pay your bills online and one of them is through GCash, an online wallet. In this post, we’ll show you how to pay your water bill (Maynilad) throuh GCash. To be able to do this, you simply need a GCash account with enough funds to cover the bill you have to pay.

    Can we pay Dcwd online?

    Pay your water bills online through DCWD’s online payment channels – Available to account holders of Bancnet Participating Banks.

    How do I pay with GCash and Dcwd?

    To pay, just key in: 9-digit DCWD account number. DCWD Account holder’s name. Valid mobile number….

    1. Only Php 10 convenience fee.
    2. Payment date will be on the same day as the payment was made thru Gcash.
    3. Posting and sending of electronic official receipt will be 2 working days after payment was made.

    What bills can I pay using GCash?

    Here’s a quick breakdown of the types of bills that you can pay with GCash.

    • Donations.
    • Water and electric utilities.
    • Cable and internet.
    • Telecoms.
    • Credit cards and loans.
    • Government fees.
    • Insurance and healthcare.
    • Schools.