How do I become a QA?

A bachelor’s degree in a technological field is usually required for most entry-level positions. For more advanced positions, however, you’ll often need a master’s degree. It’s also helpful to have at least some level of experience in quality control, as this should give you an edge over other candidates.

Can you get a QA job without a degree?

Can You Get A Quality Assurance Job Without A Degree? QA does not require a degree, but it can help (some companies do). Most companies prefer to hire someone with experience in their field. I’ve worked with many co-workers without a degree or who had a non-tech career, and they are all excellent people.

How do I get SDET certified?


  1. Basic knowledge of Java and Eclipse IDE.
  2. Basic understanding of Software Automation Testing.
  3. The Technologies or Tools used in course are mostly free to install or available for trial subscription.
  4. Enthusiam to prepare, learn and implement Latest Market Tools and Platforms.

How do I get a first QA job?

Another option for gaining some professional experience prior to a full-time QA position is to start with some small freelance QA tasks. There are many small organizations who advertise short duration software testing tasks that could give you an opportunity to put some experience on your resume.

How hard is QA testing?

Software assurance QA testing is easy to learn and not code intensive. You will have to learn some coding, but not to the same extent as a software or web developer. Software QA test training typically takes six to ten weeks, whereas web development training takes anywhere from 12-26 weeks.

What is quality assurance (QA) Training?

Quality Assurance training is a platform and is mostly a domain independent job. Candidates from non-IT backgrounds can take the online QA course and achieve a successful career in IT. There are no pre-requisites for the QA Testing Training. Anybody with the basic computer skills can do the course.

How many people learn with QA?

QA serves more than 80% of the FTSE 100, many parts of government and the public sector, and is one of Microsoft’s largest learning partners globally. More than 200,000 people learned with QA last year and we consistently win industry awards. Please try another search.

Is QA testing certification the best option to start a career?

So, if you want to start your QA career in the IT industry and you are new to Information Technology field, QA Testing Certification is the best option to choose because of the lucrative job market. Who is eligible for the Software Testing Training course?

Why choose ASQ’s quality assurance training courses?

ASQ’s quality assurance training courses can help teach you how to avoid problems when delivering solutions or services to customers. Would you like to find resources about Quality Assurance? Your query has an error: Request Error.