How do I download PIA VPN on PC?

How do I get started with PIA’s Windows VPN? First, choose the plan that’s right for you and complete your purchase online. Then you’ll receive an email with login credentials to create your PIA account (you’ll be able to change your password later) and a link to download PIA VPN apps on up to 10 of your devices.

How do I download PIA VPN from Chrome?

Chrome Setup:

  1. Install the PIA extension from the Chrome web-store here.
  2. Click the PIA icon to bring up the username and password sign in overlay:
  3. Enter your PIA username and password (username i.e. p1234567, you should have received after purchasing your subscription).

Does Pia work with Chrome?

PIA’s VPN works with Chrome version 48 or newer.

Does private internet access work on Chromebook?

Can You Install Vpn On Chromebook? Using a VPN connection on your Chromebook will enable it to connect to a private network as a virtual private network. You will find VPNs that use IPsec over L2TP on your Chromebook.

How much does Pia VPN cost?

How Private Internet Access VPN Stacks Up

Private Internet Access (PIA) Strong VPN
Plan costs $39.95 per year or $9.95 per month $39.99 year or $3.50 for the first month ($10 per month afterwards)
Number of servers 30,000+ 950+
Maximum number of devices 10 12
Dedicated IP address Yes (pay an extra $60 per year or $5 per month) No

How much should a VPN cost?

How much does a VPN cost? On average, VPNs cost around $10 per month. However, they are cheaper if you sign up for a longer term contract; on average, annual contracts cost $8.41 when broken down monthly, while two-year contracts cost $3.40 on average monthly.

How to open private Internet access?

Download the OpenVPN Connect Application from the Apple App store.

  • Open Safari on your iPhone/iPod/iPad and browse to
  • From the page,Tap the region that you want to connect to.
  • Tap Open in OpenVPN at the top
  • In the OpenVPN connect Application,tap the Green+sign to add the VPN Profile.
  • Enter your Username and password
  • How to turn on private Internet access?


  • CA North York
  • CA Toronto
  • Switzerland
  • Germany
  • Romania
  • France
  • Sweden
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  • How to register private Internet access?

    – IP Address: – Internet Service Provider: Microsoft bingbot – City: Boydton – State/Region: Virginia – Country: United States – Browser: Mozilla – Operating System: bingbot/2.0 – Screen Resolution: 800×600

    How do you access a private network?

    Go to settings->wi-di In menu select advance option and set following details 1) IP address 2) Gateway 3) Netmask 4) DNS1 set these values on your android phone for private network