How do I get my records from Sharecare?

Record Access

  1. Check request status. Find out where your records are. within our process. Check Status.
  2. Receive records electronically. Have your records sent to you electronically. Sign In. Sign Up.
  3. The Console. Login and check status, invoice amounts, view and download images. Log in Now.

How long has Sharecare been in business?

Launched in 2010, Sharecare is a digital health company that helps people consolidate and manage various components of their health in one place.

Is Sharecare real?

Sharecare is an independent company contracted to provide this online program and/or services for BCBSAZ. Information provided by Sharecare is not a substitute for the advice or recommendations of your healthcare provider. Sharecare is a registered trademark of Sharecare, Inc.

Does Sharecare own webmd?

Headquartered in Atlanta, Sharecare was founded in 2010 by Jeff Arnold (founder of WebMD) and Dr. Mehmet Oz, in partnership with Remark Media, Harpo Studios, Sony Pictures Television and Discovery Communications….Sharecare.

Type Public

Is sharecare app free?

To access Sharecare’s latest content and tools for COVID-19 preparedness, awareness and prevention, visit or download the free Sharecare app on the App Store or Google Play.

What are sharecare rewards?

What are Sharecare Rewards? Rewards are incentives given to you for completing tasks related to your health and well-being. Sharecare works with your sponsor, such as your employer or health insurance provider, to determine what wellness related tasks will earn rewards.

Is Sharecare going public?

Sharecare goes public after completing $571m merger with Falcon Capital. Have a confidential tip for our reporters? Digital healthcare firm Sharecare will begin trading on the Nasdaq on Friday (2 July) after completing a merger Thursday (1 July) with Falcon Capital Acquisition (FCAC).

How big is Sharecare?

Summary Metrics

Revenue (Y, 2018) 345.0m
Revenue growth (Y, 2017 – Y, 2018), % 72.5%

How much did Jeff Arnold sell webmd for?

$25 million
In 1994, Jeffrey Arnold and his wife, Meg, barely out of college, accepted a $25,000 loan from her father to start their own heart-monitoring company. Four years later, the couple sold the company for $25 million, and Mr.

What makes Sharecare different?

Sharecare is an innovative and interactive health and wellness website providing an environment for everyone from consumers to health care experts to “share care”. The Sharecare intelligent social QA platform allows people to ask questions on health and wellness and ultimately get multiple expert perspectives.

How much did Jeff Arnold sell WebMD for?

Does Dr Oz have an app?

Oz The Good Life is enhanced for your iPad. And now you can take advantage of our sharing, scrapbooking, and bookmarking features available on any device! Share and save your favorite fitness tips, healthy recipes, expert advice, and more! Download our free app today, and subscribe and save!