How do I mentally stimulate my Belgian Malinois?

Treats in a Bottle More than physical activity, the Belgian Malinois also needs a good amount of mental stimulation. Treats in a bottle is a good mental game for your Malinois. For this game, you will need a metal rod, some plastic soda bottles and a piece of wood to be used as a base.

Why you should not get a Belgian Malinois?

This is a dog that does not do well with boredom – Mals can become restless and frustrated when they don’t have a job to do. This means that they aren’t well suited to households where the owners work long hours or travel often. Excess energy, coupled with such boredom, could have them tearing your house apart.

Will a Belgian Malinois protect me?

The Belgian Malinois isn’t any different. If untrained, don’t expect it to keep intruders away. However, with professional protection dog training, your Belgian Malinois is capable of protecting you from not one but multiple intruders in any scenario.

Why do Malinois bite?

The Grab-and-Hold Biter: Belgian Malinois There’s a reason that Belgian Malinois are often called “maligators.” These dogs are bred to be super-tenacious biting machines that take down police suspects and trespassers. Their “bite-hard-and-hold-on” instinct is some of the most extreme out there.

Do Belgian Malinois choose one person?

Most tend to bond very strongly with one person. That said, potential new owners need to know that they have a high energy level which means they need regular exercise and daily activities to keep them happy.

Are Malinois clingy?

The Mal is deeply passionate about everything he does. This can come across as needy. And despite his hard-as-nails demeanor, he is a sensitive canine that loves his family.

Are Malinois loyal?

The Belgian Malinois is a medium to large herding dog breed with a short coat and a square, well-balanced build that’s native to Belgium. One of the breed’s trademarks is its high head carriage. These dogs are generally very intelligent, loyal, and diligent.

How loyal are Belgian Malinois?

These dogs are loyal to the bone, and once they understand who their true owner is, there is nothing they won’t do for them. They will listen to their owner’s commands, protect them, and cuddle with them when it’s downtime. Their loyalty extends to the whole family.