How do I unlock Nitecore?

Its unique half lockout mode only allows access to Turbo and is activated by holding the mode button. To unlock the flashlight, recharge or long press the power button until the screen shows an unlock icon.

How do I know when my Nitecore is fully charged?

When charging is complete, the red indicator will illuminate steadily. *Warning: Charge MH2A dedicated battery only, do not attempt to charge non-rechargeable batteries, AA batteries.

How do you unlock a Nitecore flashlight?

Lockout/Unlock With the light turned on, press and hold both switches for over one second to switch the light off and enter lockout mode. In this mode, the two switches will not have their respective functions, thus preventing accidental activation. To unlock, press and hold both switches for over one second again.

How do I get my Nitecore flashlight out of demo mode?


  1. When the light is on/off, long press both the Power Button and the Mode Button simultaneously to switch between DEMO and DAILY Mode.
  2. The LED will flash to indicate the current user mode: 1 flash to indicate DEMO Mode and 2 flashes to indicate DAILY Mode.

How do you charge a Nitecore headlight?

Open the cap, install a protected 18650 Li-ion battery, plug one end of the USB cord into the HC60/HC60M’s micro-USB port and the other end into a universal USB port (a computer, car charger, etc). Fully charging a depleted 18650 Li-ion battery takes approximately 6 hours.

How do I unlock Nitecore in Tini 2?

You push the menu button once, then short click and then long click the power button and you see a 1 and let go for level 1 lock which allows turbo, or hold longer for lock 2 for full lock out. To unlock, hit menu button, and short then long click the power button and you see a key thermometer that shows the unlock.

Is NiteCore a good flashlight?

The NiteCore P16 is an excellent compact flashlight, in every aspect, and the brightest of the bunch! All of the newer flashlights are a great choice, and All come with a pocket clip, a holster, a lanyard, and spare O-rings. The TT-5 is IPX-7 waterproof, the P16 and SRT 6 are IPX-8 waterproof. All are shock resistant.