How do you get the Joker in Monster Rancher 2?

To obtain a Joker in Monster Rancher 2, raise your monster to Class B with at least 50 Fame and 280 Life. You must have already gone to Kawrea once and be at Rank 4 or higher.

How do you get the Evil Hare in Monster Rancher 2?

To obtain an Evil Hare in Monster Rancher 2, use the PS4 game Resident Evil 2. To obtain an EvilHare in Monster Rancher Advance 2, use the password Halberd.

Is Phoenix good Monster Rancher 2?

Making their debut in Monster Rancher 2, they are powerful, legendary monsters that must be unlocked in every game they appear in. The Phoenix is always depicted as an extremely good-natured and majestic monster….

Japanese Hinotori ヒノトリ
Element Fire / Light

Who is moo in Monster Rancher?

Master Moo is a Dragon monster, and the main antagonist of the Monster Rancher anime series. He is pure evil, and his soul has the ability to bring out the darkness in others.

How do you unlock the ghost in Monster Rancher 2?

How To Unlock Ghost In Monster Rancher 2. Once you have the Stick, head to Town and go to the Lab and then combine any two monsters using the Stick as a secret seasoning to create Ghost. Note: Once you have unlocked Ghost, you can also generate it from CDs at the Shrine, but it is a very rare result.

When did Monster Rancher 2 FAQ come out?

Monster Rancher 2 FAQ Version .8 – October 13th, 1999 Created by Michael Cox ([email protected]) With assistance by Doug Shark DISCLAIMER: This FAQ is written with the knowledge gained by playing the game. Any errors contained in it are due to my mistake in assuming how I did something.

How do I unlock monsters in the game?

Rather, monsters have various ways of being unlocked. Some of them might need a specific combining item. Some might only need a specific occurrence in the game. Some might need a specific enemy to be defeated in order to open them up.

How do I raise a Monster Rancher 2 creature?

Using that save, you can select one of the monsters off your Monster Rancher 1 save and raise it as a Monster Rancher 2 creature. Most of them will play out as if they were the same type of creature, but for a few, there are ‘special’ monsters that you can only get in that way.

How do you put music on Monster Rancher 2?

It’s also pretty darned easy. All you have to do is to get out any CD, whether it be music, video game, computer data, or really almost any type (barring DVDs; Monster Rancher 2 hasn’t got the technology to read and recognize those), put it in when you’re instructed, hit the X, remove it when instructed, and put Monster Rancher 2 back in.