How do you maximize a ribbon in access?

To minimize and maximize the Ribbon: Click a tab to make the Ribbon reappear. It will disappear again when not in use. To maximize the Ribbon, click a tab, then click the pin icon in the lower-right corner. The Ribbon will appear at all times.

How do you expand a subform in Access?

RE: Access: How to get subform to expand Please go to Forms > FRM_STORES_Orders > ‘The order’ (tab) and look at the subform at the bottom.

How do you auto load a form in Access?

Specify the default form in Access Options

  1. Click the File tab, and then under Help, click Options.
  2. Click Current Database.
  3. Under Application Options, in the Display Form list, select the form that you want to display when the database starts.
  4. Click OK, and then close and reopen the database to display the startup form.

How do I make a form smaller in access?

How to Resize Form Controls in Access 2016

  1. Open the Form in Layout View. In the left Navigation Pane, right-click on the form and select Layout View .
  2. Select all Controls to Resize. Select one control by clicking on it.
  3. Open the Property Sheet.
  4. Resize the Controls.

How do you maximize a tool bar?

If a window won’t maximize, press Shift+Ctrl and then right-click its icon on the taskbar and select Restore or Maximize, instead of double-clicking on the icon. Press Win+M keys and then Win+Shift+M keys to minimize and then maximize all windows.

How do you minimize Ribbon?

Expand or collapse the ribbon

  1. Right-click any of the ribbon tabs, and then select Collapse the ribbon.
  2. Right-click Ribbon display options in the lower right of the ribbon, and then select Collapse the ribbon.
  3. Press CTRL+F1.

How do I expand a Subdatasheet?

To expand a subdatasheet for a row of a datasheet or subdatasheet, click the expand indicator (+) to the left of the row. To expand all subdatasheets in the datasheet or subdatasheet that currently has focus, point to Subdatasheet on the Format menu, and then click Expand All.

How do I make an Access macro run automatically?

Create an AutoExec macro in a desktop database

  1. Click Create > Macro.
  2. In the drop-down list at the top of the Macro Builder, select the action that you want to perform.
  3. Repeat step 2 for each additional action you want to occur.
  4. Click Save, and in the Save As dialog box, type AutoExec.

What is the first routine called when a form is loaded?

When an Excel form launches, a series of events occur. One of these events is called Initialize. The Initialize event happens before any of the form and its controls are drawn to the screen.