How do you say father in wiradjuri?

Wiradjuri (/wəˈrædʒʊri/; many other spellings, see Wiradjuri) is a Pama–Nyungan language of the Wiradhuric subgroup. It is the traditional language of the Wiradjuri people of Australia….Family.

English Wiradjuri
father babiin
son wurrumany
sister (older) mingaan
sister (younger) minhi

What is the meaning of wiradjuri?

Wiradjuri in American English (ˌwirɑːˈdʒuri) an Australian Aboriginal language, spoken over a wide area of central New South Wales.

What language do the Wiradjuri tribe speak?

Wiradjuri (Wirraayjuurray/Wirraaydhuurray) Wiradjuri is a member of the Wiradjuri group of the Pama-Nyungan languages. It is spoken in the central southern region of New South Wales of Australia between the Macquarie and Murray rivers, and in the Lachlan river area.

Do people still speak wiradjuri?

Of the 600,000 other Indigenous people, many are actively relearning their ancestral languages. From the 2016 census these include: Noongar/Nyungar (south-west WA – 443 speakers) Wiradjuri (central NSW – 432 speakers)

What is welcome Wiradjuri?

“Yamma Dummarung” is the Wiradjuri word for welcome in the Condobolin language group in Central Western NSW. ‘

How do you say goodbye in Wiradjuri?

But as with many Aboriginal languages there’s no simple way of saying goodbye in Wiradjuri. Traditionally, there was little use for such a term. The nearest word like that in Wiradjuri is guwayu – which means in a little while, later or after some time.

Who is Wiradjuri tribe?

The Wiradjuri are the largest Aboriginal group in central New South Wales, by area and population. The people of the Wiradjuri country are known as “people of three rivers” being the Macquarie river (Wambool), Lachlan River (Kalari) and the Murrumbidgee River (Murrumbidjeri) which border their lands.

What is the totem for Wiradjuri?

the goanna
The Bathurst Wiradjuri was the most easterly grouping of the Wiradjuri nation. Their totem is the goanna.

What nation is Wiradjuri?

How big is the Wiradjuri tribe?

97,100 square kilometres

Wiradjuri people
Language group: Wiradhuric
Group dialects: Wiradjuri
Area (approx. 97,100 square kilometres (37,500 sq mi))

Where can I learn Wiradjuri?

Practical skills. Residential schools held at Charles Sturt University’s Wagga Wagga campus will provide an introduction to the subjects. You’ll develop your capacity to hold conversations in Wiradjuri and broaden your skills by completing a community development project.