How do you write Minato in Japanese?

Namikaze Minato (波風ミナト) was the legendary famous Fourth Hokage (四代目火影) of Konohagakure.

What does the text on Minato’s Kunai say?

Minato Namikaze used three-bladed kunai that had a special seal applied to them in order to perform his Flying Thunder God Technique. The seal reads, in kanji, 忍愛之剣, which can be translated as “Sword of Shinobi’s Love”.

What is written on Minato’s dagger?

It does says 忍愛之剣 (nin-ai-no-ken). It appears in manga 673 and in anime episode 424.

What is Minato Namikaze nickname?

Fourth Hokage
Tahseen Elseyeed
Minato Namikaze/Notable aliases

Is Minato a female name?

The name Minato is primarily a gender-neutral name of Japanese origin that means Harbor.

Why is Minato called yellow flash?

Minato’s signature technique, the Flying Thunder God jutsu, is an incredibly diverse space-time ninjutsu that grants the user the ability of teleportation. Knowledge of this technique gave Minato the speed to be considered the fastest ninja in the world in his prime, giving him the nickname: The Yellow Flash.

What does nin Ai no Ken mean?

the sword of shinobi love
Every other handwriting then narutos was rushed because the artist never payed attention to it, its like a doctors handwriting. But in page 673 we can clearly see “nin” Witch also means shinobi Ai-No-Ken that mean “the sword of shinobi love. 3.

Who is Minato’s dad?

Minato’s was into a Tsunade and Dan Kato. His father’s name is Dan Kato and his mother’s name is Tsunade.

What does namikaze mean in Japanese?

wind, air, style, manner.

What does Minato Namikaze mean?

The name ” Minato ” means ” harbor ” (港) and his surname ” Namikaze ” means ” waves and wind ” (波風). Even before is revealed to be Naruto’s father, some fans already predicted this to be true as both Naruto and Minato share the same hair color. He is the first Hokage to be mentioned dead in the series.

What did Minato think of Naruto’s wife?

Though not a playable character, Minato appears in the Ultimate Ninja game series as part of Naruto’s ultimate technique called “Mysterious Aid Arrives”. Happy Birthday Naruto He loved his wife very much. Minato thought his wife’s hair was beautiful and admired her from far. He didn’t think she was an outsider.

How is Minato similar to Naruto?

Minato has frequently been compared with Naruto in terms of physical appearance; both have bright blue eyes and spiky, yellow-blond hair. Minato also had jaw-length bangs framing either side of his face. According to Jiraiya, Minato was considered to be very handsome.

Is Kushina in love with Minato?

On their way back to Konoha, Minato confessed his admiration for her hair and her strength, causing Kushina – who had previously believed Minato “unreliable” and even “girly” – to fall in love with him. Team Minato.