How long can you hold the ball in high 5 netball?

4 seconds
The GK is allowed in the same areas of the court as the GD. High Five Netball Rules! – You can’t hold the ball for longer than 4 seconds. – When you catch the ball you aren’t allowed to move the foot that you land on (your landing foot), although you can pivot on this foot.

How do you play high 5 netball?

At the start of play the GS, GA, GD and GK may be anywhere in the goal third. The opposing Centre shall be in the centre third and free to move. When the umpire blows the whistle, the Centre must pass the ball within 4 seconds and obey the Footwork rule. The ball must be caught or touched in the centre third.

Which side do you umpire netball?

The court is divided in half at the centre circle from side-line to side-line. Always umpire to your right. You will control all throw-ins on the whole side-line of your side of the court and control the goal line to your right.

How do you netball umpire for beginners?


  1. Blow your whistle LOUDLY and assertively.
  2. Ensure that you are always in a position to SEE.
  3. CONCENTRATE for the entire quarter.
  4. Do not alter your initial umpiring decision – even if you realise it was wrong.
  5. Do not “make up” for an incorrect decision.
  6. You will make mistakes – so do AA umpires.

How many umpires are there in netball?

two referees
During a competitive game of netball there are two referees and up to two scorekeepers and timekeepers officiating.

Can you shoot Center in Fast Five?

In standard netball rules, goals can only be shot from within the shooting circle and count for one point only. Centre passes: After each goal, the team that conceded the goal takes the next centre pass; teams alternate taking the first centre pass of each quarter.

Can you knock the ball out of hands in netball?

Major netball rules infringements Defenders have to stand 3ft (0.9m) away from the player with the ball and can only attempt to win the ball back once it has been thrown into the air. They cannot attempt to knock it out of an opponent’s hands.

How many players are there in high 5 netball?

With five players on court, and up to four off court roles. High 5 enables you to engage more kids, more of the time. Off court players take on roles such as time keeping and scoring. High 5 can be for mixed or single-sex teams with a maximum of two boys on court at any one time.

How do you umpire a netball game?

What makes a good netball umpire?

Netball umpiring isn’t really about enforcing rules. It’s an integral part of the Australian netball community. Umpires help keep the game safe, fair and fun for everyone. Not to mention developing personal skills like communication, resilience and leadership.

What are the rules of netball?

Although we’re all out to have some fun playing netball, unfortunately there are rules of the game that we need to stick to! For the first week or two, the umpires may be lenient and give you a second chance to correct a technical fault (such as stepping onto the court as you take a throw in), instead of giving the free pass to the opposing team.

What are the responsibilities of a netball umpire?

The responsibilities of a netball umpire include: Complete a pre-game inspection. Inspect the court and goal post dimensions. Check scorecards have been fully completed. Ensure that the players are wearing appropriate uniforms. Check each player for long nails or sharp jewellery. Confirm the match ball is regulation size.

When does the umpire call a penalty break in handball?

When the umpire blows the whistle and the game begins the players run into the centre third to receive the centre pass. When a player enters the centre third before the umpire blows the whistle to commence the game, the umpire would call the penalty break and a free pass to the opposing team in the centre third where the player crossed the line.

What is the pre-game protocol for netball?

Pre-game protocol. A netball team consists of 7 players in different positions. No more than 7 players from a team may be on court at a time, and at least 5 players must be on court for play to commence with at least one of the players being C.