How many variables are in the GSS?

5000 variables
Available GSS Data The GSS dataset contains more than 5000 variables with data on a wide range of subjects: Learn more about the GSS, including its history, principal investigators, and other related surveys, at NORC’s main GSS website.

What does the GSS measure?

The General Social Survey (GSS) has provided a wealth of data on contemporary American society for approximately 35 years by measuring social change and trends and constants in attitudes, behaviors and attributes of the adult population.

What is the GSS sampling method?

The GSS sample is drawn using an area probability design that randomly selects respondents in households across the United States to take part in the survey. Respondents that become part of the GSS sample are from a mix of urban, suburban, and rural geographic areas. Participation in the study is strictly voluntary.

What is the sample size for the GSS?

Since 1994 the GSS has been administered to two samples in even-numbered years, each with a target sample size of 1500, rather than to a single 1500-person sample each year.

How do you cite GSS data?

If you are using information from the General Social Survey, the citation we recommend is the following: “The General Social Survey (GSS) is a project of the independent research organization NORC at the University of Chicago, with principal funding from the National Science Foundation.” Subsequent reference would be …

What does GSS stand for?


Acronym Definition
GSS General Supply Schedule
GSS Government Supply Source
GSS Gravity Sensors System
GSS General Supply Support

Who funds the GSS research?

The GSS is funded and managed by the Sociology Program, which allocates approximately twenty percent of its annual budget to the support of the GSS.

Who used first method of social survey?

(Kent, 1985: 68.) In the Continent attempts to combine theory and methods in empirical research were made in the field of sociology. The first method textbook The Rules of Sociological Method by Emile Durkheim was published in 1895 in French.

When was the last General Social Survey?

The GSS on families was first conducted in 1990 and has been repeated approximately every five years since then, most recently in 2011. The survey captures information on the structure of families through each of its cycles and uses retrospective questions to follow the historic evolution of families.

What is GSS in banking?

To ensure end use of subsidy released under various schemes of GoI routed through NABARD, the banks have been advised to ensure that credit and subsidy are not misused by beneficiaries.

What is GSS in hotel industry?

In the age of social media, guest satisfaction surveys (GSS) represent a critical way to solicit direct feedback from guests and evaluate guest sentiment. By using survey feedback to guide improvements, hotels can prevent negative reviews, increase guest loyalty and attract new guests.