How much do Trinidad Gates pay?

GATE funds cover 100% of tuition expenses for undergraduate students and up to 50% of tuition expenses, to a maximum of TT$10,000, for postgraduate students.

Who can apply for gate in Trinidad and Tobago?

Household income less than $10,000 per month is eligible for 100% GATE funding. Household income more than $10,000 per month but less than $30,000 is eligible for 75% GATE funding. Household income more than $30,000 per month but less than $75,000 is eligible for 50% GATE funding.

What is the GATE program in Trinidad and Tobago?

The GATE Programme provides financial assistance to citizens of Trinidad and Tobago, who are pursuing approved programmes at public and private tertiary level institutions (local and regional). The GATE Programme is managed by the Funding and Grants Administration Division of the Ministry of Education (MOE).

What does gate stand for in Trinidad?

The Government Assistance for Tuition Expenses (GATE) programme provides eligible students with financial assistance for tertiary-level education. For more information please visit

Is Gate still available in Trinidad 2021?

She assured that students currently enrolled in postgraduate programmes will receive GATE funding until August 2021. Those currently enrolled in undergraduate programmes will continue to be funded for the normal duration of the programme.

What documents do I need to apply for gate?

You are required to upload the following documents (in softcopy) for online GATE application submission: Birth Certificate with supporting affidavit (if necessary)…GATE Application Process

  1. Birth Certificate.
  2. National Identification Card OR Passport.
  3. Deed Poll or Affidavit, (if necessary)

Who qualifies gate?

You can apply for GATE funding if: You are a citizen of Trinidad and Tobago with a continued period of residency of at least three (3) years prior to application (Documentary proof of citizenship and residency must be provided).

Is GATE funding still available in Trinidad?

How do you qualify for gate?

Eligibility Criteria for GATE 2020 (No age limit)

Qualifying Degree Qualifying Degree / Examination Year of Qualification not later than
B.E./B.Tech./ B.Pharm. Bachelor’s degree holders in Engineering/ Technology (4 years after 10+2 or 3 years after B.Sc./Diploma in Engineering/Technology) 2020

Does gate have age limit?

As per the exam conducting authority and eligibility of GATE 2023, there is no age limit that would apply to the candidates appearing for the GATE exam 2023.

What happens if gate application is rejected?

However , in case, if any candidates whose application forms are rejected would like to submit the required documents, they can contact the GATE 2019 Office directly. Such candidates are required to rectify the errors by 15th February 2019 else their results will be withheld.