How much does a real Christmas tree cost in the UK?

Among the cheapest cut versions from big retailers are Aldi’s, which went on sale in its 895 UK stores this week, with prices starting at £14.99 for a medium tree (1.5m-1.75m/5-6ft) and £24.99 for a large tree (1.8m-2.1m/6-7ft).

When should I buy a real Christmas tree UK?

Most people opt for the first weekend in December to install their tree. We normally still have plenty of stock left in the second weekend of December too. We would recommend buying before the third weekend in December where possible, especially if demand has been high earlier in the month.

Where does the UK import Christmas trees from?

Each year, around £3 million pounds worth of cut Christmas trees are imported from Europe and Scandinavia.

Are Ikea selling real Christmas trees this year?

IKEA’s Christmas tree offer is returning for the 10th consecutive year, giving customers the chance to get a beautiful real tree for just £9. The Swedish furniture retailer’s highly anticipated annual Christmas tree offer is running from 22nd November to 23rd December 2021.

Do Asda sell real Christmas trees?

Asda. Asda is selling pot-grown Nordmann trees (0.8-1.1m) for £20 per tree. Shoppers can also get pot-grown Norway spruce trees (0.8-1m) for £10 and cut Nordmann Christmas trees that are 1.5-1.8m tall for £25.

Do B&Q deliver Christmas trees?

And If you can’t make it to a B&Q store this year – don’t fret, our real trees are available for home delivery too!

Does the UK import Christmas trees?

Retailers have said around 30-35 per cent of the real Christmas trees sold in the UK are imported from right across Europe, but post-Brexit regulations and a stretched labour market could result in shortages and higher demand for locally grown trees.

Are Morrisons selling Christmas trees?

All should have a plentiful reservoir so the tree does not dry out quickly. Morrison’s Home and Garden carry two kinds of traditional Christmas trees. Balsam Fir is possibly the best known and traditional tree sold in the New England area.

Are Asda selling real Christmas trees?