How much does a taxi cost from Paphos airport to Paphos?

Taxis at Paphos airport charge using a taximeter and not on a flat rate basis. So, the journey from Paphos Airport to the city centre will cost around €35 depending on your exact final destination.

How much is a taxi from Larnaca airport to Paphos?

105 euro
Transfer to paphos by taxi from Larnaca Airport will take about 1 hour and 28 minutes to get there. The distance is 133 Km and for one way trip will cost 105 euro.

How much is taxi in Paphos?

You can expect Paphos taxi prices to have a base fare of €3.42 and a rate per km of €0.73 during the day (06:00 to 20:30) and a base fare of €4.36 and a price per km of €0.85 at night (20:30 to 06:00).

How much is a taxi from Paphos airport to Coral Bay?

The travel time by taxi is around 40 minutes. The taxi fare from Paphos airport to Coral Bay is around €35.

Is there Uber in Paphos Cyprus?

Re: Is Uber available in Cyprus? Yes, they do drive on the same side of the road as us. The main highways are very good in Cyprus.

Is there Uber in Paphos?

Uber ride hailing app is not available in Cyprus, but to order a taxi ride in 3 clicks you can use CABCY app.

Is there a bus from Paphos airport to Paphos?

There are two bus lines available between the airport and the city. Bus route 612 runs to the harbour of Paphos (Kato Paphos Main Bus Station), bus route 613 runs to the centre of Paphos (Karavella Main Bus Station). Kato Paphos or Lower Paphos is known as the tourist area of Paphos, here you will find most hotels.

Are taxis expensive in Cyprus?

Regular taxi This is a very convenient (most taxis are Mercedes-Benz), but a slightly expensive option. For example, a taxi ride from Limassol to Larnaca Airport costs 50 euros. A ride to Paphos airport costs 40-45 euros. A ride around the city costs 10-12 euros.

Is Coral Bay Lively?

An upbeat holiday spot Coral Bay is a lively seaside town on Cyprus’ west coast, nestled among banana plantations and vineyards. A long main strip runs through the town centre and along the waterside, offering up old-world eateries and a handful of cheery cocktail bars.

Does bolt work in Paphos?

Bolt is available at PFO airport! Get a fast, affordable and convenient ride to wherever you’re going.

Is there a taxi rank at Paphos airport?

Paphos Airport Transfers & Taxis. Taxis are available from the designated taxi rank that is located outside of the terminal building, and they operate on a 24 hour basis at the airport. All taxis are governed by the Ministry of Communications and Works in Cyprus and they have legal guidelines which they must obey.