How much does the Singapore Zoo cost?

S$ 48
Admission Tickets, Memberships

Admission ticket price
Adult S$ 48
Child Ages 3 to 12 years old S$ 33
Senior citizen Applicable for local residents ages 60 years and above S$ 20

How much does Night Safari in Singapore cost?

Ticket Prices

Night Safari Ticket Type Regular Rate (without WildPass)
Non-peak ​(Thu & Sun) Adult (U.P. $55) Child (U.P. $38) 10% off tickets S$49.50 S$34.20
Peak (Fri, Sat, Eve of & on PH, 18-31 Dec 22) Adult (U.P. $55) Child (U.P. $38) 5% off tickets S$52.25 S$36.10

Is Rainforest Lumina part of Night Safari?

Lights, music and interactive play await as the third edition of Rainforest Lumina returns to the Singapore Zoo this July. The attraction is a 1km stretch of the tropical rainforest at night with a multisensory experience to go with it. It is not part of the Night Safari.

Can we bring food to Singapore Zoo?

Can I bring food into the park? Yes, while food options are available at our restaurants, we do understand that some guests may need to bring their own food into the park for various reasons. Wild macaques in our parks associate baby prams and plastic bags with food. These macaques are not part of our zoo collection.

How much is the ticket for Singapore Flyer?

Tickets for a ‘flight’ on the Singapore Flyer cost S$33 for visitors aged 13 or older, S$21 for children aged 3 to 12, and S$24 for residents or citizens of Singapore aged 60 or older. Children under the age of 3 can enter free of charge.

Can unvaccinated go Night Safari?

Dining-in at F&B outlets is allowed only for vaccinated persons as well as unvaccinated persons 12 years and under. Checks may be done to ensure compliance. Guests are required to reserve seats online for shows at Night Safari and River Wonders.

How long is the tram ride in Night Safari?

The tram ride is about 45 minutes but most people spend a lot longer once the ride finishes walking back over the trails. over a year ago. Tram rides happen in specific time slots. Each round takes about 35 minutes.

Do you see animals at Rainforest Lumina?

Merging story and setting, Rainforest Lumina features a distinctive narrative, centred on the theme ‘We Are One’. Visitors will get to meet the Creature Crew, a group of eight virtual animals—each with their own special virtue— who will take you on a magical adventure like no other.