How much is a tank of 134a refrigerant?

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Can I purchase R-134a?

It is worth noting that there are exceptions for R-134a. You can no longer buy cylinders but you are still able to purchase cans of refrigerant without a license. Single or multi-use cans can be found at some retailers or on Ebay still.

What is the best brand of R-134a?

Best – A/C PRO ACP-100 Professional Formula R-134a The A/C Pro ACP-100 is the best recharge product out there today. It is a bit pricier than the others that are out there but there are some benefits to this price increase. This product is an all in one.

Is R134A going up in price?

Is there going to be a shortage of R-134a supply? The short answers are, that we expect to see slight price increases during the 2021 season (typical with seasonal fluctuations), but not a shortage of refrigerant supply to shops.

Is 134a refrigerant being phased out?

HFC-134a: a Potent Greenhouse Gas HFC-134a will no longer be approved for use in new light-duty vehicles manufactured or sold in the United States as of model year 2021 as a result of EPA’s July 2015 final rule under SNAP (July 20, 2015, 80 FR 42870Exit Exit EPA website).

Do you need EPA certification for R-134a?

The wholesaler is not required to confirm any technician certification, but EPA is recommending that wholesalers obtain a statement certifying that the cylinders are to be resold to certified technicians. Individuals do not need to have certification in order to purchase small cans (under two pounds) of R-134a.

What the best refrigerant do cars use?

The most common refrigerant is R-134A (or HFC-134a) however newer vehicles may use R-1234YF (or HFO-1234yf). Even still, some very old vehicles may also be using R-12 (or Freon). The easiest way to know is to check your vehicles A/C system nameplate under the hood.