How much is a wheel bearing for a 2001 Honda Accord?

What’s the cost for wheel bearing replacement on my Honda For a national average across all vehicles, the average cost to replace the wheel bearings (for 1 wheel) is about $350.

How do you know which rear wheel bearing is bad?

Play in the Wheels – Most often this symptom will be identified by a technician. When your vehicle is up on the lift, a technician will grab the wheel on either side and attempt to rock it back and forth. If the wheel assembly wobbles back and forth, worn out wear bearings are likely the cause.

How do I know if my rear wheel bearings need replacing?

Signs your wheel bearings are worn out include:

  1. Shaky Steering Wheel When Driving. When you drive, you may notice that your steering wheel and, in more extreme cases, the entire car feels as if it is shaking.
  2. Reduced Acceleration When Driving.
  3. Grinding Sounds.
  4. Unevenly Worn Tires.
  5. Vibrating Steering Wheel.

What does a bad rear bearing sound like?

The classic sounds of a bad wheel bearing are cyclic chirping, squealing and/or growling noise. You can also tell that the sound is related to wheel bearings if it changes in proportion to vehicle speed. The sound can get worse with every turn, or it can disappear momentarily.

What does it sound like when a rear wheel bearing is going out?

What happens when a rear wheel bearing goes bad?

A faulty wheel bearing can cause your vehicle to pull to one side during braking. A faulty wheel bearing can cause your vehicle to pull to one side during braking. This symptom can also be related to faulty brake components.

What happens if rear wheel bearing fails?

If your wheel bearing fails, it can cause the wheel to stop while you are driving or possibly even to fall off. At the very least, before a wheel falls off, a failed wheel bearing can/will cause significant damage to your vehicle, so it’s very important to keep an eye on these and keep them maintained.