How old is Myolie?

42 years (November 6, 1979)Myolie Wu / Age

Is Myolie Wu still acting?

But things still aren’t looking that rosy for the 41-year-old, who left Hongkong broadcaster TVB in 2015 to focus on her career in China. In a recent interview, Myolie shared that she’s still “unable to land lead roles” there.

How old is Bosco Wong?

41 years (December 13, 1980)Bosco Wong / Age

How did myolie and Philip meet?

On a talk show in August, she said Lee saw her bikini picture on social media last year and asked a mutual friend to introduce them. Wu said no, but a few months later, the friend secretly asked Lee to join them for a meal. She said: “I looked up, he came in, this can be considered love at first sight.”

Why did Myolie and Bosco split?

“Been together with Myolie for so long, and now we’ve split up, it’s definitely upsetting.” According to celebrity website jaynestars, Bosco is a serial flirt with his co-stars and that the pair had grown increasingly distant after spending time apart due to filming schedules.

Who is Myolie Wu’s husband?

Philip LeeMyolie Wu / Husband (m. 2015)

How old is Ron Ng?

42 years (September 2, 1979)Ron Ng / Age

Who is Raymond Lam wife?

Carina Zhang
Personal life. Lam married Carina Zhang, a Chinese model, in December 2019. They had a daughter in September 2020.

Who is Myolie Wu?

My Favorite TV Actress winner, Myolie Wu is a Hong Kong actress and singer. Her parents raised her in Hong Kong. She is Guangdong Taishan ancestry and holds Hong Kong nationality. The 37-years-old Myolie received high school education from Methodist College Belfast, Northern Ireland.

Did Myolie Wu ever participate in Miss Hong Kong?

In 1999, Myolie Wu participated in Miss Hong Kong, which was ridiculed by everyone. What’s more, she said, “Myolie Wu has lowered the average appearance of Hong Kong sister.”

Why did Myolie Wu leave TVB?

By summer of 2015, Myolie left TVB to explore new avenues. In her schooling days, Myolie Wu received high school education in Boarding School at Methodist College Belfast, Northern Ireland. She later returned to Hong Kong and attended the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, majoring in Biochemistry .

How many awards has Myolie Wu won?

, Myolie Wu produced dramas such as “leaping in the flower to see”, “angry street”, “Golden Jade”, “King of Phoenix”, And won the “Favorite Female Character”, “Extraordinary Female Artist”, and “Best Actress” three awards.