How wide of a load can I haul in Alberta?

Legal load limits. Length: The overall maximum length allowed in Alberta without a permit is 23 meters (75′ 3″). Width: The maximum width allowed is 2.6 meters (8′ 6″’). Height: The maximum height allowed in Alberta is 4.15 meters 13′ 7″. Weight: 6,000 kg maximum on steer axle.

Who is the largest LTL carrier in Canada?

TFI International, based in Montreal, remains the largest trucking operation in the country. CN, which acquired TransX in March 2019, holds the second position.

How much is an overweight ticket in Alberta?

Alberta Oversize and Overweight Fines and Penalties

13,001 – 14,000 lbs $5.60
14,001 – 15,000 lbs $6.25
15,001 – 16,000 lbs $7.25
16,001 – 17,000 lbs $8.25

What is an oversize load in Alberta?

An oversized load refers to any capacity or truckload that exceeds the allowable legal length, height, and width stipulated by each province. Generally, the maximum permitted dimensions are: Load Width – 8.5 feet or 2.6 meters. Load Height – 13.5 to 14.5 feet or 4.1 to 4.4 meters.

What is Canada’s largest trucking company?

As far as Canadian trucking is concerned, TFI International is the single largest provider of trucks, operating around 30 thousand vehicles and making over four billion dollars in revenue in 2019. A Canadian dollar amount of $1 billion.

Which is the best trucking company in Canada?

Top Trucking Companies in Canada

  • 3.1 1. Bison Transport Inc.
  • 3.2 2. Groupe Robert.
  • 3.3 3. Manitoulin Transport Group.
  • 3.4 4. Challenger Motor Freight.
  • 3.5 5. TransForce International (Canada)
  • 3.6 6. Transfreight Inc.
  • 3.7 7. H&R Transport Limited.
  • 3.8 8. UPS Canada.

Can you pull two trailers in Alberta?

Number of Trailers Allowed In some provinces, you can only tow one trailer at a time. So if you want to attach a boat behind you, your motorhome must be self-propelled. In Alberta, Saskatchewan, Nova Scotia, and Manitoba, you can tow two trailers (yay!), but only if the lead trailer is a fifth wheel.

How far can a load stick out of a truck Alberta?

If a vehicle’s load extends 1.5 metres (5 feet) or more beyond the rear of the vehicle, the following is required: During daylight hours, a red flag should be attached to the end of the extension or load.

How long can your truck and trailer be in Alberta?

Tow Canada: Hauling in Our Home and Native Land

Canadian Towning Rules
MAX LENGTH (single trailer) 16.15 m (52′ 9”)

Who has to stop at weigh stations in Alberta?

The posted requirement at the permanent weigh scale inspection stations is for all commercial vehicles to stop if they have a gross mass in excess of 4,500 kilograms. In practice, commercial vehicles such as busses do not adhere to this requirement.