How would you describe South African accent?

However, the South African accent has some phonetic features that distinguish it from British English. Most notably, the letter A often sounds like an “eh” sound. Thus, for many South African English speakers, the name of their country, South Africa, would be more like “South Efrica!”

How do you respond to Sanbonani?

Most people in South Africa are familiar with this isiZulu word and its Swazi equivalent, ‘Sanbonani’. You can respond with the same word. Often Zulu people may follow this with ‘Unjani’ which means ‘how are you?”.

What accent sounds smartest?

The Yorkshire accent is rated as the most intelligent-sounding, beating received pronunciation, the accent of royalty and public school alumni, for the first time.

Do South Africans really have accents?

As a South African expat, you probably know this already…South Africans communicate in such a unique way that even their accents have accents! It’s true.

What are the most common South African phrases and slang?

Below are 50 phrases and slang tourists may hear when visiting South Africa. 1. Ag man! [ach-man] Oh man! Expression of pity, resignation, or irritation “Ag man, I’ve got to work late tonight!” “Ag, shame man!” 2. Aweh/Awe [ah-weh] Hello, greeting between close friends/mates. Example: “Awe, my bru!” 3. Babbelas/Babelaas [buh-ba-las] 4.

What does it mean when a South African calls you shame?

Shame. Shame is a typical South African expression for sympathy or admiration. Eg. ‘Ag, shame man, poor girl!’ ‘Shame, he’s so cute.’.

What is a traditional South African “braai?

A traditional South African “braai” consists of roasting lamb chops, boerewors (savory sausage) and steak. Salads, rolls and melktert (milk tarts) are typically served as well. “Come down to the braai, we’ve got boerewors cooking.”