Is Half-Life capped at 60 fps?

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Total Run Time 1494:10:35
Players (Total / Active) 481 / 19
Full Game Runs (Total / Recent) 2,191 / 17
Level Runs (Total / Recent) 583 / 25

How long is Half-Life speedrun?

Speedrunning collective quadrazoid has set a new world record by blazing through the original Half-Life in a scant 20 minutes and 41 seconds. This cuts the previous record of 29 minutes and 41 seconds down by nearly a third. Sheesh!

How do I install Rabbitmod XT?

To use Bunnymod XT, launch Half-Life and then navigate to the Bunnymod XT folder which can be found in your GoldSRC Package installation directory. Launch the Injector application; an external console window will show up. Keep that running in the background to preserve Bunnymod XT functionality.

Is Half-Life capped at 100 fps?

Uncapping FPS Vertical Sync should also be disabled in your graphic cards settings. The second variable deactivates the 100 FPS cap allowing you to set higher values. It basically does what developer 1 did in older versions of Half-Life.

How do you speed up time in a half-life?

How do you change the game speed in half-life? In Half-Life 1 you can activate slow motion with console commands….

  1. Start a new game, and choose your difficulty, then go to options, keyboard, advanced and enable the developer console.
  2. Press the button under ESC, and type in: changelevel c1a0.
  3. Enjoy!

How do you speed up time in a half life?

How do you uncap fps in HL1?

If you want to be able to override 100fps, you have to enter developer 1 and fps_max into your console. If you’re running a SteamPipe HL1, don’t forget to enter fps_override 1. If you’re having trouble reaching +100fps, try disabling VSync in your Graphic Card’s driver properties.

What is Host_timescale?

host_timescale defines the game speed. This CVAR requires sv_cheats to be 1, so that means it’s a cheat. host_timescale is mostly used to play the game in slow-motion. This allows the players to do things quicker or things that are hard to do in real-time.

Is there a speedrun guide for half life?

This guide will cover basic speedrunning information about Half Life, a supplementary guide to get through the game as fast as possible WITHOUT cheating of course and shared moments between Half Life, Opposing Force, Blue Shift and Decay. WARNING PEOPLE. This guide is FILLED with spoilers for the following games

Is half-life 1 a good stealth game?

When you play HL1 by speedrunning, it turns from a FPS to an action/stealth game. It is not advertised as a stealth game, so you should try playing something like Thief or Mark of the Ninja to get an idea of what’s required. Stealth is about efficiency.

What happens at the end of Half Life 2?

After Freeman finshes off the Nihilanth, Gman picks him up and puts him into a stassis, leading to the events of Half Life 2 and thus ends Half Life. Shephard however has still got three more chapters to go through, Foxtrot Uniform, The Package and Worlds Collide.