Is human metapneumovirus the same as pneumonia?

Symptoms commonly associated with HMPV include cough, fever, nasal congestion, and shortness of breath. Clinical symptoms of HMPV infection may progress to bronchitis or pneumonia and are similar to other viruses that cause upper and lower respiratory infections.

How long are you contagious with human metapneumovirus?

The incubation period is 4 to 6 days, and the virus is shed from 5 to 14 days after inoculation. The duration of contagiousness is unknown. Infected adults who are asymptomatic may be an underappreciated source of transmission.

What is metapneumovirus infection?

Human metapneumovirus (hMPV) is a common respiratory virus that causes an upper respiratory infection (like a cold). It is a seasonal disease that usually occurs in the winter and early spring, similar to RSV and the flu.

What diseases does human metapneumovirus cause?

Human metapneumovirus (hMPV) is a virus that often spreads during the winter and spring. hMPV produces symptoms similar to the common cold. Most people have mild cases of hMPV, but some may have complications such as bronchiolitis, bronchitis and pneumonia.

How serious is metapneumovirus?

Most people experiencing mild hMPV symptoms do not need to see a doctor, as the illness should go away on its own and supportive care of symptoms at home is enough. However, if symptoms worsen and you develop shortness of breath, severe cough or wheezing, you should see a doctor.

How serious is human metapneumovirus?

In general, hMPV is not serious. Most people have few symptoms. Symptoms they do have get better on their own without treatment, usually within a few days. People with asthma may have asthma flare-ups after infection.

Can you get human metapneumovirus twice?

People of all ages can get hMPV, but children under 5 years of age, older adults, or those with a compromised immune system are at higher risk of serious complications. You can get sick with hMPV more than once.

Is hMPV serious?

What are symptoms of human metapneumovirus?

Most persons with hMPV infection have mild symptoms including cough, runny nose or nasal congestion, sore throat and fever. More severe illness, with wheezing, difficulty breathing, hoarseness, cough, pneumonia, and in adults, aggravation of asthma, also has been reported.

Is metapneumovirus the same as Covid 19?

Despite the current clinical focus on the COVID-19 pandemic, clinicians should keep in mind that HMPV-infection may mimic COVID-19 and is also associated with serious adverse outcomes.

Is human metapneumovirus serious?