Is selling contact lenses illegal?

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and Federal Trade Commission (FTC) have repeatedly confirmed that it is illegal to sell contact lenses – including cosmetic lenses – without requiring a prescription.

Can contact lenses be sold online?

Is it illegal to buy contact lenses online? No, but be sure to use your prescription when purchasing contact lenses online to ensure you’re getting the right fit for your eyes.

Can I sell colored contacts?

Unfortunately, some online shops, and even some gas stations or salons, sell dangerous, illegal colored contact lenses. It’s illegal to sell these lenses in the United States. They aren’t FDA-approved and can cause serious damage to your eyes within hours.

Are Pinky Paradise contacts FDA approved?

In PinkyParadise, we ensure all contact lenses purchased are FDA approved and verified with your eye doctor, Once we obtain the verification confirmation from your doctor, we will then ship your lens to you. You can find more info about How to Verify Prescriptions Online.

What does BC stand for in contacts?

Use this guide to read your contact prescription: Base Curve (BC): This base curve determines what type of fit is required for the lens to meet the curve of your eye. This measurement is usually written in millimeters or sometimes with the words flat, median, or steep.

Can fake contact lenses damage your eyes?

“Even for one hour, if you put a counterfeit or unapproved contact lens in, you could cause severe, irreversible damage to your eye,” said Dhaliwal. According to Dhaliwal, one of the major dangers from these counterfeit contacts lies in the pigments used to provide their characteristic color.

How much money do contacts cost?

The cost of contact lenses can vary, but the average cost for an annual supply of contacts, if you’re nearsighted, should be between around $200 and $300. If you need to replace your contacts throughout the year, plan to purchase around sic to 10 boxes total, with a cost of around $20 to $30 for each box.