Is Spicer made by Dana?

Spicer® is a Dana brand name—it’s the brand name Dana uses for their axle and driveshaft products.

Where are Spicer parts made?

Spicer Parts – Made in the USA | Facebook.

Are Spicer U-joints made in the USA?

The description clearly states it is made in the USA. Upon arrival today I received a CHINA u joint.

What is Spicer Life Series?

Spicer Life Series® u-joints are part of a full line of Dana-backed parts designed to unleash the performance in your vehicle. See our complete line of Spicer performance parts, and use the link below to find out where you can get genuine Spicer performance parts today.

What do Dana numbers mean?

The numbers with 2 zeros added indicate the maximum output torque. Ex. 44 is rated for 4,400 ft. lbs.; a 60 is rated for 6,000 ft. lbs.

Does Spicer make good u-joints?

Spicer® parts from Dana are trusted around the world for their high performance and outstanding durability, and now Spicer brings you their toughest u-joint yet: the Spicer® Extreme™ u-joint. These u-joints can take any off-roading punishment you can dish out – they’re virtually indestructible!

Are Spicer performance spools good for off road?

Better Traction Off-Road or On the Trail. For a distinct advantage off-road or on the track, count on Spicer performance spools for the ultimate in traction. Spicer spools keep the left and right axles spinning together, so you get constant traction and peak performance that lasts.

What are Spicer performance shocks?

Spicer performance shocks are part of a full line of products designed to give hardcore drivers the competitive edge, on the track or on the trail. Browse our full line of products, each built to help you unleash the power, strength and endurance in your vehicle–then find a Spicer performance parts dealer near you today.

Where can I buy Dana Spicer drivetrain parts?

Summit Racing carries a variety of Dana Spicer replacement parts, including U-joints, Dana Spicer axle shafts and kits, ball joints, and more. You can order your Dana Spicer Drivetrain parts from Summit Racing today! Select your preferred location and we’ll note which parts are ready to be picked up TODAY.