Is there a DocuSign app for Windows?

Sign documents or get signatures quickly from your mobile device!

How do I get DocuSign on my computer?

Uploading a Document to Sign. Go to in a web browser. Use this method if you have a DocuSign account and want to upload a document from your computer to sign. If you’re not already signed in to your account, sign in now.

Does Microsoft Office have a DocuSign?

DocuSign Integrates with Microsoft Office 365 to Transform Your Document Signature Processes. The ability to sign documents securely and quickly is a crucial component of any business process.

Is DocuSign free for PC?

DocuSign offers a free electronic signature tool for electronically signing documents on practically any device. Add an electronic signature to a document for free. Sign forms, contracts, and agreements in minutes, using a computer, tablet or mobile phone.

Is DocuSign included in Microsoft 365?

DocuSign offers one of the most seamless and robust integrations available for Office 365, saving users a ton of time by eliminating the need to print, scan and fax documents to get signatures.

Does DocuSign work Windows 10?

The DocuSign for Windows 10 universal app is here! Watch this demo & download it from the Microsoft store today.

Is Google DocuSign free?

Prepare, sign, act on and manage agreements electronically right from your favorite Google applications. It’s simple and free to get started with DocuSign.

Is DocuSign Outlook free?

Users can sign up for a DocuSign free trial from within the DocuSign for Outlook app. DocuSign for Outlook is supported for the Outlook Web App and Outlook 2016 (Windows).

How do I install DocuSign in Word?

In the Ribbon at the top of your Word document, go to the Insert tab and search for DocuSign in the Office store. Once you install it, the DocuSign add-in appears in a pane in the right of your document. Use DocuSign without ever leaving Word!

Is DocuSign free with Windows 10?

Signing is always FREE with DocuSign.

Does Microsoft have a document signing app?

Signeasy for Microsoft Teams closes the loop on collaboration by enabling you to sign and send documents for signature right within your Teams workspace. You can also track the status of your eSignature workflows in real-time.

How to install DocuSign?

Install via PIP: In your command console, type: pip install docusign-esign. Note: This may require the command console to be elevated. You can accomplish this via sudo in Unix/Linux, or by running the command console as an administrator in Windows.

How to sign with DocuSign?

Create a free DocuSign account.

  • Create your signature. You can use your finger or stylus to capture your signature or simply select a font.
  • Upload any document.
  • Drag and drop your signature.
  • Email your signed document.
  • Is there a free version of DocuSign?

    Yes, you can download the mobile app and create a free DocuSign account directly within the app to get started. Signing is always free and you can send three free signature requests with your free account. Download the app today! Is the DocuSign mobile app free? Yes, the DocuSign mobile eSignature app is free to download.

    How to import your document to DocuSign?

    From the iPad,iPhone,or iPod Touch home screen,tap Mail.

  • Tap the desired email.
  • Tap the document to open it.
  • At the bottom of the screen,tap the Share icon (rectangle with an upward arrow).