Is Top Gun 2 going to be released?

Top Gun: Maverick will be available to watch widely around the world on May 27th, with select preview screenings for press and VIPs taking place earlier.

Is Top Gun 2 a remake or sequel?

The highly-anticipated sequel to Tony Scott’s Top Gun is finally releasing in theaters on May 27 after a series of delays. Top Gun: Maverick will see Cruise’s Maverick still working at the same flight academy he trained in, but now, as an instructor himself.

Is Tom Cruise filming Top Gun 2?

Cruise is reprising his “Top Gun” role of Pete “Maverick” Mitchell in the sequel. “Top Gun: Maverick” finds Cruise’s character in a mentor role as he trains a group of younger Top Gun graduates played by the likes of Miles Teller, Glen Powell and more.

Does Maverick have a love interest in Top Gun 2?

For “Top Gun: Maverick,” a sequel 36 years in the making, the successor to the original film’s Kelly McGillis is Jennifer Connelly. She plays Penny Benjamin, a character referenced in the first film, and love interest to Tom Cruise’s Pete “Maverick” Mitchell.

Is Iceman in Top Gun: Maverick?

here’s a very special throwback from the OG Top Gun. Pictured here are the actual Navy Airforce Top Gun Advisors! Tom Cruise will return to the franchise as Pete ‘Maverick’ Mitchell, along with Val Kilmer returning as Tom ‘Iceman’ Kazansky.

Who is streaming Top Gun?

Top Gun: Maverick is expected to stream first on Paramount Plus. The movie is distributed by Paramount Pictures, which is owned by the same parent company as Paramount Plus.

How old was Tom Cruise in the original Top Gun?

Cruise, then 29, already was a major Hollywood star — Kidman, then 24, far less so — having toplined a string of blockbusters through the 1980s that included Risky Business (1983), Top Gun (1986) and Rain Man (1988).

In what year was Top Gun released?

May 16, 1986 (USA)Top Gun / Release date

Who owns Top Gun?

Top Gun
Production company Don Simpson/Jerry Bruckheimer Films
Distributed by Paramount Pictures
Release dates May 12, 1986 (New York City) May 16, 1986 (United States)
Running time 110 minutes

How tall is Kelly McGillis?

5′ 10″Kelly McGillis / Height