Is Wheatena still manufactured?

The Wheatena brand is still alive and well today. Manufactured in Highspire, PA, Wheatena has continued to be a favorite for over 100 years.

Is Wheatena healthy?

Wheatena is a very healthy high fiber cereal that has been popular for over a century! Wheatena is a 100% all natural, toasted whole wheat product which is rich in bran, protein and wheat germ. It is also an excellent source of whole grain. Today, fiber is part of just about everyone’s diet vocabulary.

Who makes Maltex?

Mid 1960’s – The Uhlmann Company, Kansas City, Missouri, owners of Standard Milling Company, acquired the company. For the next 20 years, the Uhlmann Company owned and operated the flourmill along with the cereal manufacturing plant in Highspire, PA.

Can you make Wheatena with milk?

It is completely whole wheat. You add salt, sugar, milk, cream, honey, butter, or whatever you choose–Yum!

Does Walmart sell Wheatena?

Wheatena Cereal – 4 pack –

Is Wheatena the same as Cream of Wheat?

Wheatena is not the same as Cream of Wheat cereal, despite some popular misconception. Wheatena is a whole-grain cereal, which Cream of Wheat is not.

What can I add to wheatena?

Wheatena Recipes

  1. Banana Bread.
  2. Banana Nut Cookies.
  3. Crackle Cookies.
  4. Date Nut Cookies.
  5. Helen Hilland’s Wheatena Apple Cake.
  6. Honey Pumpkin Muffins.
  7. Mashed Potato Casserole.
  8. Maypo Wheatena Granola Mix.

Is Maltex healthy?

Maltex is accepted in many families because it helps with irregular breathing and coughing caused by chronic bronchitis and smoking. Recommendable for children, pregnant women, convalescents, and especially athletes because it is a balanced source of sugars and minerals that are lost during tough physical exercise.

What happened to maypo?

The original product was maple flavored oatmeal but there are now a variety of flavors sold under the Maypo brand name. It was originally manufactured by Maltex Co. and is now owned by Homestat Farm, Ltd. It was best known for its television commercials with the catchphrase, “I Want My Maypo” by Marky Maypo.

Is wheatena the same as cream of wheat?

What is Ralston cereal?

Overview. For over a century, Ralston Hot Cereal has been treating hungry Americans to a nutritious high-fiber breakfast. this tasty hot cereal is high in fiber, cholesterol-free and a great alternative to oatmeal. Plus, it cooks up in minutes on the stovetop or in the microwave.