Should I kill Loghain in Dragon Age Origins?

Do not kill Loghain → Persuade Alistair & Anora to marry (Alistair must be hardened, otherwise he will refuse). Result: Alistair leaves the Grey Wardens immediately to marry Anora. Kill Loghain or not → Support Alistair. If Loghain is not yet dead, Alistair will take care of it as his first kingly act.

Is there a way to keep Loghain and Alistair?

Allow Alistair to kill Loghain → Marry Anora → Alistair is automatically spared. If Alistair is hardened, then he will take the throne instead of allowing this outcome.

Why did Loghain betray Cailan?

The army was not at its full strength because 1) he couldn’t have the Orlesians because of his paranoia, 2) he couldn’t have Eamon’s men since he had him poisoned, and (with Teagan probably in Denerim or elsewhere at that time), there was no-one left to lead the troops to Ostagar, and 3) he couldn’t have Howe since …

Who is Loghain in Dragon Age Origins?

Loghain was the first character that David Gaider got to write to end up in the finished version of Dragon Age: Origins. The name “Mac Tir” means “son of the land.”

What happened to Loghain after the Battle of the River Dane?

Afterwards Loghain led the Fereldan forces at the critical Battle of River Dane and was rewarded for his leadership by being made Teyrn of Gwaren. After the battle, Loghain sought out potential survivors from the outlaw camp, seeking to find any trace of his father.

Where did Loghain spend most of his reign?

In the first years of Maric’s reign, Loghain spent most of his time in Denerim while his wife ruled Gwaren. Teyrna Celia was an incomparable foreman, and the terynir rebuilt itself under her guidance.

What happened to Loghain’s dog?

He named her Adalla, and had her for 10 years before an Orlesian took her to use her for breeding with his hunting dogs. Some time later Loghain was reunited with his dog, when the Orlesian threw the mabari out of a moving wagon.