Was Dan vs Cancelled?

After the third season of Dan Vs. concluded on March 9, 2013, rumors and speculation of a fourth season were spread. However, on October 17, 2013, the voice of Dan, Curtis Armstrong confirmed on his Facebook page that the series had been cancelled.

What was the last episode of Dan vs?

Summer CampDan Vs. / Final episode

Where does Dan live Dan vs?

North Hollywood
He lives in an apartment hovel in North Hollywood, CA. According to his driver’s license, Dan was born on Halloween of 1975. He serves as the main protagonist of the series.

Does Dan like Chris?

In adulthood, Dan and Chris remain in a rocky friendship, Chris helps Dan out on his revenge missions against things Dan thinks “wronged” him. Chris has willingly helped Dan on his schemes, but most of the time, his help is reluctant.

Is Dan and Elise cousins?

Dan and Elise are cousins.

Is Dan vs an adult cartoon?

Let’s get this straight: This is not a cartoon for kids or tweens, and teens mature enough to not be influenced by its horrendous messages probably won’t be interested in it to begin with.

Are Dan and Elise related?

How old is Dan in Dan vs?

Dan (Dan Vs.)

Background information
Appearance Small and slender man with black hair, eyebrows, shoes, goatee, and shirt that says “JERK”, dark jeans, and green eyes.
Birthday October 31, 1975

Is Dan from Dan vs a sociopath?

Dan is a very cruel, psychopathic, evil, and antisocial man. He doesn’t really care for anyone but himself. Despite this, he has rare nice moments.

Is Dan and Elise related?

How tall is Dan Dan vs?

Pullem was a super villain. In the episode “Dan”, it is shown on his driver’s license that Dan is 5’6″ (1.68 m) in height, weighs 105 lbs (47 kg), and was born on October 31st, 1975. In “The DMV”, according to his mugshot, a piece of his hair reaches 5’6″, but his actual head roughly reaches 5’3″.

Who is Chris wife in Dan vs?

Elise Pearson
Elise Pearson (voiced by Paget Brewster) is the tritagonist of Dan Vs. She is Chris’ tough, smart and beautiful wife.