What are the photogrammetric instruments?

General-purpose photogrammetric instruments include twin projectors, multiplexes, topoflexes, and other optical instruments; stereographs, stereoprojectors, stereoautographs, topocards, autographs, and other mechanical instruments; and photographic-stereographs and other opticomechanical instruments.

What are the types of photogrammetric survey?

Types of Photographic Survey: Photogrametry may be divided into two classes. Terrestrial or ground photogrammetery. Aerial photogrametry.

What is a photogrammetric survey?

O Photogrammetric surveying or photogrammetry is the branch of surveying in which maps are prepared from photo-graphs taken from ground or air stations. O With anadvancement of the photogrammetric techniques, photographs are also being used for the interpretation of geology, classification of soils and crops,etc.

What are the applications of photogrammetry in surveying?

The practice of Photogrammetry Applications in surveying includes siteplanning, topographic mapping, earthwork volume estimation for proposed roads, a collection of digital elevation models (DEM), and image-based mapping (orthophotography).

What are the products of photogrammetry?

A photogrammetric product is a representation of aspects of a scene derived from imagery of the scene. The rep- resentation may be geometric and include point coordi- nates, object geometry or measurements, or other attributes derivable from image geometry.

What are the two types of photogrammetry?

Two general types of photogrammetry exist: aerial (with the camera in the air) and terrestrial (with the camera handheld or on a tripod). Terrestrial photogrammetry dealing with object distances up to ca. 200 m is also termed close-range photogrammetry.

What are the main products of photogrammetry?

Traditionally, photogrammetric products meant hardcopy maps depicting elevation as contours and features as lines. With the advent of digital softcopy photogrammetry for production and the widespread adoption of GIS to utilize cartographic data, emphasis has shifted almost exclusively to products in digital form.

What is photogrammetric survey in civil engineering?

In photogrammetry, you take many pictures from all different angles and use special software to layer them together to produce a scaled 3D image or model. This model is then used to examine an area that would be otherwise inconvenient or impossible to view otherwise, such as a construction site or cleared crime scene.

What is the advantage of photogrammetry?

The foremost advantage of photogrammetry is the ease and speedat which the data can be collected. With the use of UAV, UAS, or satellite imagery, photogrammetry can help in capturing images, analyze the data to get the measurements and convert them to a 3D map in no time and least cost.