What are the top 5 religions in France?

Catholicism (41%)

  • No religion (40%)
  • Other religions (5%)
  • Protestantism (2%)
  • Eastern Orthodoxy (2%)
  • Other Christians (2%)
  • Islam (5%)
  • Buddhism (1%)
  • What are the major religions of France?

    Religion of France About three-fifths of the French people belong to the Roman Catholic Church. Only a minority, however, regularly participate in religious worship; practice is greatest among the middle classes.

    What percentage of France is Catholic?

    Estimates of the proportion of Catholics range between 41% and 88% of France’s population, with the higher figure including lapsed Catholics and “Catholic atheists”. The Catholic Church in France is organised into 98 dioceses, which in 2012 were served by 7,000 sub-75 priests.

    What percent of France is atheist?

    30 percent
    Self-declared atheists represent 30 percent of the French population, and France is among the top five most atheist countries in the world (Marchand 2015).

    Is it illegal to wear a cross in France?

    French law on secularity and conspicuous religious symbols in schools. The French law on secularity and conspicuous religious symbols in schools bans wearing conspicuous religious symbols in French public (e.g., government-operated) primary and secondary schools.

    Are the French irreligious?

    In 2015, according to estimates, at least 29% of the country’s population identifies as atheists and 63% identifies as non-religious.

    What percent of French believe in God?

    This bar chart presents the result of a survey conducted in 2021 on the percentage of people believing in God in France. It shows that 51 percent of respondents stated that they did not believe in God, whereas 49 percent of them declared they believed in God.

    What is the most practiced religion in France?

    With almost 38 million people identifying themselves as Christians, Christianity was the most represented religion in France. Furthermore, about 20.8 million people considered themselves as religiously unaffiliated.

    What are the major religions in France?

    The predominant religion in France is Christian (47%). 40% are Roman Catholic, but only a small number of these are practicing Catholics. ie. attend church etc. 5% are Muslim, 1% Buddhist and 1% Jewish. 40% of the French population have no religion. Originally Answered: What kinds of religion are practiced in France?

    What religion are most French people?

    In towns: 30.2%

  • In the country: 23.9%
  • By the sea: 22.2%
  • In the mountains: 20.2%
  • Other: 3.5%
  • What are the religious demographics of France?

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