What are the units for Michaelis Menten equation?

Typical units for vmax are mol m−3 s−1; typical units for Km are mol m−3. As defined in Eq. (12.36), vmax is a volumetric rate that is proportional to the amount of active enzyme present. The Michaelis constant Km is equal to the reactant concentration at which rA=vmax/2.

Does Michaelis Menten constant have units?

Michaelis constant is the substrate concentration at which the reaction velocity is equal to half the maximal velocity of the reaction. The units of Km are M, concentration.

What does the Michaelis-Menten plot show?

In a classic Michaelis-Menten graph, the y-axis represents reaction rate and the x-axis represents substrate concentration. At low substrate concentrations, the reaction rate increases sharply.

How is Michaelis constant measured?

This is usually expressed as the Km (Michaelis constant) of the enzyme, an inverse measure of affinity….plotting [S] / v against [S] gives a straight line:

  1. y intercept = Km / Vmax.
  2. gradient = 1 / Vmax.
  3. x intercept = -Km.

What is the Michaelis-Menten equation define all parameters?

What is the Michaelis-Menten equation? Define all parameters. V0 = Vmax(S/(S + KM)) Initial velocity V0. Maximum velocity Vmax.

What are the units for Ki?


Value Units
DOSE 5 and 10 mg/kg
EC50 0.42 nM(Ki)
EC50 8.0 nM

What are the units of Vmax?

The Vmax unit is moles/min, moles/sec, µmoles/min, or µmoles/sec. Vmax depends upon the amount or the concentration of the enzyme as well as the structure of the enzyme.

What kind of graph is Michaelis-Menten?

The graph should look like a rectangular hyperbola where higher concentrations of substrate equate to faster enzymatic reactions.

What are the units for catalytic efficiency?

Catalytic efficiency (kcat/km) and turn over number of enzyme.