What can you offer at a health fair?

Some ideas include:

  • • Chair massages.
  • • CPR.
  • • Yoga.
  • • Exercise equipment demonstrations.
  • • Healthy cooking.
  • • First aid.
  • • Emergency Preparedness.
  • • Ergonomics.

How do you host a virtual wellness fair?

Here are some awesome tips to host a successful virtual health fair!

  1. Deciding on a Theme. Adding a theme to a virtual health fair gives it more of a flare.
  2. Finding Sponsors.
  3. Choosing the best Online Event Platform.
  4. Adding Giveaways and Giving Freebies.
  5. Scheduling Video Demonstrations and Webinars.

How do you plan a wellness event?

Tips for planning a wellness event

  1. Start small.
  2. Start with resources you already have.
  3. Think about the theme.
  4. Think about timing.
  5. Prepare a budget.
  6. Make mental health accessible.
  7. Get inspiration from your employees.
  8. Market your event.

What is the purpose of a health fair?

Health fairs not only provide general information about good health and preventative medicine, but they also often offer screenings and assessments – blood pressure or cardiovascular health – that can detect a problem and get attendees on a track to a healthier self.

What is Poosh your wellness?

“Poosh Your Wellness festival is a first-to-market, one-of-a-kind, virtual summit that will consist of expert-led panels and Poosh-approved experiences. Poosh is not about preaching or judging; we are about exploring and conversing.

What do you do for wellness Wednesday?

26 Wellness Wednesday Ideas and Activities

  1. Plan a Walking Meeting.
  2. Buy Some Fresh Healthy Food for the Communal Fridge.
  3. Reward Your Staff Gift Cards to Create Healthy Habits.
  4. Hire a Yoga Instructor.
  5. Participate in the 8-Hours of Sleep Challenge.
  6. Buy a Massage Chair.
  7. Offer Work-Life Balance Training to Improve Mental Health.

What happens in a health fair?

What is the purpose of a wellness fair?

What is a Corporate Health Fair? Also commonly referred to as a wellness fair, these events are designed to be a “one-stop shop” for wellness activities to provide valuable health information and screening services to employees and their families.

What are some ideas for vendors at a health fair?

The Top Health Fair Vendor Ideas. 1 Outdoor Activities. Help keep your employees active by offering different vendors that focus on outdoor activities. These types of vendors include 2 CrossFit. 3 Fresh Produce Options. 4 Yoga – Paddle Board, Bikram, Hot, etc. 5 Boxing Gyms/Clubs.

What makes a successful company Health Fair?

The key to a successful company health fair is making it a fun and memorable experience. The best way to do that is by having the right vendors and the right activities. But when it comes to 2020 health fairs have taken on a different look, say hello to virtual health fairs.

How to organize a health fair?

When organizing a health fair, having a great plan is very important. You can choose to plan out things on your own or use a ready-made checklist. Either way, here are some things you have to take care of – Decide how much money you are going to invest in the health fair. Reach out to sponsors, to help pay for the event.

Should HR and benefits professionals invite the same vendors to health fairs?

It sounds silly, but HR and benefits professionals can get too comfortable and invite the same vendors year after year. This reduces the excitement of your employees, and it also diminishes the benefit of hosting the health fair in the first place.