What company makes GlideScope?

GlideScope Medical Devices| Verathon.

How much does a GlideScope go cost?

The mean (SD) monthly costs for GlideScope blades were $3837 ($1050) and $3236 ($538) for years 1 and 2, respectively, vs $1652 ($663) and $2933 ($585) for McGRATH blades (P< . 001). Most total cost differences were attributed to equipment and blade purchases, which were $202 595 (65.0%) higher for GlideScope.

Who invented video laryngoscope?

Designed by Dr. John Pacey, the GlideScope (Verathon; Bothell, Washington) was introduced as the first commercially available video laryngoscope in 2001. With this innovation, Dr. Pacey was actually introducing two new technologies simultaneously: the video laryngoscope, and the hyperangulated laryngoscope.

What is a GlideScope?

GlideScopeĀ® (Verathon Medical, Bothell, WA, USA) is a recently developed videolaryngoscope, which allows easier airway management in difficult conditions, such as neonatal intubation, morbidly obese patients or a restricted view of the laryngeal inlet.

How much are video laryngoscopes?

Cost of a Video Laryngoscope Handle The different types drive how the systems are used and the associated costs. Prices range from $1,000 to $15,000 for video laryngoscopes compared to around $18 apiece for a single-use, disposable laryngoscope.

What does C-Mac stand for?

Definition. c-MAC. Concurrent Media Access Control. Copyright 1988-2018 AcronymFinder.com, All rights reserved.

What is a CMAC blade?

The C-MAC (Karl Storz, Tuttlingen, Germany) incorporates a standard Macintosh blade with a camera placed at its tip and a video display unit (9). Therefore, the C-MAC can be used both as a standard direct laryngoscope and as an indirect laryngoscope.

What year was the laryngoscope invented?

Direct Laryngoscope In 1913, Chevalier Jackson, professor of laryngology at Jefferson Medical College in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, designed a blade with a distal light source. He also incorporated a sliding floor, allowing room for an endotracheal tube or bronchoscope.

When was the first laryngoscope invented?

A description of the first laryngoscope as invented and employed by Dr Benjamin Babington in the year 1829.