What courses are offered at Zetech University?

Diploma Courses

  • Diploma in Film and Television Production (DFTP) diploma.
  • Diploma in Project Management diploma.
  • Diploma in Software Engineering- DSE diploma.
  • Diploma in Counseling Psychology diploma.
  • Diploma in International Relations and Diplomacy diploma.
  • Diploma in Development Studies diploma.

Is Zetech a college or University?

Zetech University is a private university located in Kenya. Zetech was founded by Engineer Ken Mbiuki in 1999 and is registered by the Ministry of Higher Education Science and Technology.

Does Zetech offer education courses?

This School is a popular department established with the aim of equipping thousands of students with skills and knowledge that covers various departments offering courses in Education, Arts and Social Sciences.

Does Zetech offer Diploma in IT?

Diploma in Information Technology -DIT Diploma Program Goal The programme intends to equip students with a wide range of software, technical and technological ICT skills required in the industry at diploma level.

What is Zetech University known for?

Why Zetech University

  • Quality Guaranteed. Accredited by the Commission for University Education in Kenya.
  • Financial Aid.
  • Uninterrupted Learning.
  • Research and Industry.
  • Ideal Learning Environment.
  • Partnerships and Community Outreach.

How many branches does Zetech University have?

four main
Zetech University currently has four main campuses within Kenya’s capital city of Nairobi. The University’s main campus is located off Thika road, in Ruiru town. While the other three are located within the CBD in Nairobi Town: Pioneer Campus – Moi avenue/Haile Selassie, Pioneer House,1st floor.

What is Zetech university known for?

Does Zetech University have branches?

Zetech University currently has four main campuses within Kenya’s capital city of Nairobi.

Does Zetech offer criminology?

Diploma in Criminology and Security Studies – Zetech University.

How long does a Diploma take in Zetech?

Programme Duration and Structure This diploma course shall be offered in Seven (7) Months.

How many students does Zetech University have?

5000 students
The University, which has a current population of 5000 students, is committed to scaling the heights of education in the world with a mission to provide holistic higher education through promoting excellence in research, integrating innovation and technology in learning and developing well rounded citizens to impact …

How do I join Zetech university?

To gain admission for undergraduate, diploma or certificate training at Zetech University, you must have successfully completed a recognized secondary education qualification.

  1. Select your course or programme.
  2. Check entry requirements.
  3. Check for credit eligibility.
  4. Complete and submit an application form.

What are the different courses offered by Zetech University?

The Zetech University Offered various Courses including Degree, Diploma, Certificate courses for new students. To get the admission into these courses, candidates are required to the admission process and admission requirements.

Is Zetech a University of the community?

Zetech University has always been at the forefront of community outreach while cementing its position in society as a University of the Community. Zetech’s library team held an event… This week, we catch up with a vibrant artist and government sponsored student Brian Mutahi aka “Brizih”.

What is the Zetech University graduating class of 2020 like?

The Zetech University graduating class of 2020 is an excited cohort as they prepare to graduate in the University’s first-ever exclusively virtual graduation. The ceremony will be a first…

What do you like most about Zetech?

I love Zetech because it is where we invent our future. The spirit of the faculty to support and help us become who we want to be, is amazing. I also love that we get services on time. As an IT student, we have access to internet and facilities at fast speeds for our various projects.