What cranks are compatible with BB86?

2. Compatibility of cranksets and different BBs

Crankset standard BB compatibility
BB86, BB90, BB92 /
BBright BB30A, PF30, OSBB, BB386EVO
BB386EVO Also available as threaded (British, Italian), BB30, BB30A, PF30, OSBB, BBright, PF86, PF92

Is BB86 the same as PF30?

BB86, 386 Evo, BBright and OSBB are simply takes on the same standard, PF30.

Is BB86 any good?

Overall, we’ve been hugely impressed by the quality, price, reviews and features of Prime BB86 Bottom Bracket. We’d say that as long as it fits your budget and meets your expectations in terms of features/spec…it’s a really strong contender. That’s why we’ve scored it a massive 9.1/10 overall.

Is press-fit bottom bracket bad?

Still, far too many riders have suffered numerous issues at the hands of defective press-fit bottom bracket systems. A Google search for “press-fit bottom bracket problems” returns 21,700,000 results. Creaking, crank play and low bearing service life were, and remain, the most common problems.

Will a bb30a fit in a BB86 bottom bracket?

The BB86 bottom bracket shell is 86.5mm wide and according to Cannondale the BB30a is 73mm, so it may not fit after all.

Can I use a 30mm crankset in a BB86?

In a 30mm to BB86 application this deformation limit occurs much earlier and even a modest rider will be able to feel spongeyness at power levels of ~250W. Using a 30mm crankset in a BB86 should be avoided. The likelihood of a failure is very high.

What is the difference between a BB30 and a 6806 bearing?

The original BB30 specification and 30mm cranks as a whole, are designed to run inside 6806 bearings. Irrespective of BB30, PF30, BBright or BB386EVO etc – there may be a cup between the bearing and the frame but all of these standards use 6806 as a design basis.

What is the difference between BB30 and osbb?

The OSBB is basically the same as BB30 but with a little tighter tolerances and a 0.5mm difference in the clip-to-clip dimension. Cranks of both systems are compatible with each other.” D’Aluisio even argues that OSBB offers alignment advantages compared with threaded shells: