What does Soow mean on wire?

SOOW stands for: S = Service Cord (600 Volts) OO = Oil Resistant both inside insulation and outside jacket. W = CSA designation for weather/water resistance. TYPE SOOW Cable is for use in heavy-duty industrial applications where flexibility and durability is required.

Is Soow and so cord the same?

In more general terms the SEOOW is a high-quality flexible cord engineered with plastic characteristics and rubber jacketed material while the SOOW counterpart is only made up of a rubber jacket.

Is Seoow better than Soow?

SEOOW. This thermoplastic incorporates the chemical tolerance properties of PVC and lightweight rubber properties. SEOOW is also more water-resistant than SOOW and can be used at lower temperatures – the SEOOW temperature range is –50oC to 105oC. W means Weather and Water resistance.

What is the difference between Soow and Sjoow cord?

The main difference between these portable cords is their voltage ratings. SJOOW is a Junior Service Cord, which means it only has a voltage rating of 300V. SOOW Cable, on the other hand, has a rating of 600V. SJOOW cord also has a thermoset rubber jacket, typically Neoprene.

Can Soow cable be buried?

Since it is subject to physical damage, it is not allowed as a direct burial. UF cable is used for direct burial. “SOOW” cord is not rated for direct burial on the exterior insulation.

Is Soow cable shielded?

SOOW 12/4 SHIELDED This 12 AWG, multi-conductor cable features 65 strands, Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer Rubber insulation, a CPE jacket, and an overall tinned copper conductor material.

Is Soow waterproof?

The ‘W’ means the cable is weather and water-resistant. Overall, SOOW cord resists oil, solvents, water, ozone, aging, and abrasion. It is also flame retardant, flexible, and durable….SOOW Service Cord Specifications.

What Does SOOW Mean?
S Service Cord
OO Oil Resistant Inside & Outside
W Weather/Water Resistance

Can Soow cable be used in cable tray?

STOOW cord has the same oil and water-resistant features as SOOW and SEOOW, and you can use it in both indoor and outdoor applications.

Can so cord be ran in conduit?

NEC 610.11(C) permits a multiconductor cable to be used for flexible connections to motors in cranes and hoists installations. Based on this information I believe that Type SO cables can be run in EMT conduit in the manner you are describing, up to 50 ft., and be in compliance with the NEC.

Can you use so cord outside?

SO cable is one of the most popular and versatile portable electrical cords made today. These are multi-conductor cords, comprised of 2 or more conductors, which can be used in both indoor and outdoor applications.