What does TC mean on a Camaro?

Traction Control Light
Show example Chevrolet Camaro Traction Control Light is on Inspection prices. The traction control system in your vehicle exists as a driving aid during adverse conditions, such as rain, snow, ice, or poorly maintained roads.

What Camaros have heads up display?

At the top of the line, the 2018 Chevy Camaro 2SS comes with rear park assist, a head-up display, interior spectrum lighting, and so much more.

Does 2011 Camaro SS have heads up display?

2011 Camaros have already begun arriving on dealer lots, and that means we will begin getting more looks at the new Heads Up Display (HUD) feature (now a standard feature on 2SS and 2LT models).

What is the difference in the Camaro models?

The 1SS is the base model introducing the more advanced engine, while the 2SS adds comfort amenities to that base. All of the 2LT standard features are included on the 2SS as well, such as the heated and ventilated leather seats and Bose audio.

Can you drive with TC light on?

While your car is typically safe to drive with the traction control light on, you should not drive it under certain conditions. If the traction control light, anti-lock braking system light, and the red brake-warning light are on, your entire braking system may be affected.

What does car swerve light mean?

Traction Control System
Why Did The Dash Light With Squiggly Lines Come On And What Does It Mean? This light represents the Traction Control System (TCS) which helps keep your car on the road in slippery conditions like rain, snow, or ice.

Does the 2010 Camaro SS have heads-up display?

No factory 2010 Camaros have a HUD.

Can you add heads up display to Camaro?

Product Description. offers this kit to allow you to add a HUD to your 2010-2015 Camaro. HUD Retrofit Kit Includes: Monochrome Projector / Head Unit.

How do you turn on the heads up display on a Camaro?

Chevrolet Projection 101: How to Use the Heads-Up Display You will see a button marked HUD (heads-up display) on your dashboard, usually to the left of your steering wheel. Click it to turn on the heads-up display.

Which Camaro is better LT or LS?

Unlike the LS, you can opt for a power sunroof and the Bose 9-speaker sound system. There are a few more mechanical options available on the LT than on the LS. For example, on the LT, you can equip an external engine oil cooler, auxiliary engine coolant, and an extra capacity cooling system.

Which type of Camaro is the best?

Consensus throughout the auto industry dubbed the 1969 Camaro as the best of all time. This year, the COPO Camaro was started, designed for top performance. It was a true engineering marvel with a ZL1, L88 427 big block engine.