What does the NOCSAE warning say?

Helmet Warning Statements The warning label requirement has long been a part of each standard and is intended to warn participants of the possibility of head or neck injury despite the fact a certified helmet is being worn.

What does the acronym NOCSAE stand for?

The National Operating Committee on Standards for Athletic Equipment (NOCSAE) is an independent and nonprofit standards development body with the sole mission to enhance athletic safety through scientific research and the creation of performance standards for athletic equipment.

Why is NOCSAE an important safety standard?

NOCSAE is the first standards organization to require third-party certification. For every sport, NOCSAE reminds players, parents and coaches to play safe! Remember, no helmet can prevent all concussions.

What are the requirements for football helmets?

The NOCSAE label must be present on all football helmets. Football helmets must also include padding, air systems, a chin strap, and a face mask. The padding serves as a shock absorber placed at the head, jaw, and nose.

What is the difference between off the shelf protective equipment and custom protective equipment?

Differentiate between off-the-shelf and custom protective equipment. Off-the-shelf is equipment that you can purchase right off the shelf and use it right away with no modifications. Custom protective equipment is constructed to individual characteristics of the athlete.

What has NOCSAE standards defined as a helmet model?

For many years NOCSAE standards have defined a helmet model as a helmet “intended to be identical in every way, except for size.” Any changes, additions or alterations of the model, except for size or color or graphics, even if made by the original manufacturer, requires that a new model name be created, and a separate …

Is it OK to buy a used football helmet?

Many require helmets to be reconditioned and re-certified after the second year of use, then every other year after that—at a minimum. Sending a helmet to a professional reconditioner is the only way the helmet and its parts are going to be inspected, cleaned properly and if needed, replaced.