What does Yumiko mean in Japan?

bow, child
Yumiko can be written using different kanji characters and can mean: 弓子, “bow, child”. 由美子, “reason/cause, beauty, child”. 結実子, “fruition, child”. 夕実子, “evening, fruit, child”.

What Japanese name means space?

Talking about space in Japanese

English Japanese Romaji
Galaxy 銀河系 Gingakei
asteroid 小惑星 Shōwakusei
Universe 宇宙 Uchuu
atmosphere 大気 Taiki

Is Mitsuru a Japanese name?

Mitsuru is a unisex Japanese given name. Notable people with the name include: Mitsuru Adachi, Japanese manga author.

What does the Japanese name Taiko mean?

In Japanese, the term taiko refers to any kind of drum, but outside Japan, it is used specifically to refer to any of the various Japanese drums called wadaiko (和太鼓, lit. “Japanese drums”) and to the form of ensemble taiko drumming more specifically called kumi-daiko (組太鼓, lit. “set of drums”).

What Yumi means?

Yumi can be written using different kanji characters and as a given name can mean: 由美, “origin/history, beauty” 裕美, “abundance, beauty” 夕実, “evening, fruition” 優美, “tenderness, beauty”‘

What is the Japanese word for Stardust?

Sutādasuto. More Japanese words for stardust. スターダスト noun. Sutādasuto stardust.

What is Sora in Japanese?

Sora | 天 Sora is a given name for both males and females. Its meaning is “sky.”

What does Shinobu mean in Japanese?

Shinobu (しのぶ) is a Japanese verb meaning “recall” (偲ぶ) or “stealth/endure” (忍ぶ).

What does Kanroji mean in Japanese?

Kanroji means “nectar temple” and Mitsuri means “honey lazuli”. The “temple” and “lazuli” part are kanji commonly used in names, so that’s a pretty much just thrown in there to make her name sound more like a name.

What does the name takio mean?

The meaning of Takio is ‘strong as bamboo. ‘ This name is especially approved for ‘Boys’ Gender.