What drugs do Roche make?

Roche products on the WHO Model List of Essential Medicines (2019)

  • Product. Treatment area.
  • alteplase (Activase) Cardiovascular diseases.
  • amitriptyline (Laroxyl) Anti-depressant / Pallative care.
  • ascorbic acid (Redoxon)
  • benznidazole (Radanil, Rochagan)
  • capecitabine (Xeloda)
  • ceftriaxone (Rocephin)
  • cycloserine (D-Cycloserine)

What is it like to work at Roche?

Roche is an outstanding organization with great people and products that are unique and typically best in class. The support that sales receives is excellent from both managed care and marketing.

Why join Roche?

Enjoy our inspiring work environment At Roche, we foster a culture of debate, mutual respect, and diversity. We encourage everyone to be open to discussing and considering new ideas. Your experience is key to this vital exchange, which helps us develop the skills of more junior employees.

How do you land a job at Roche?

Roche’s Advice Be Prepared – at the very least, bring along a copy of your resume, references and letters of recommendation. Show Enthusiasm – make eye contact, include a firm handshake, show an interest in the job and the company. Listen – be a good listener. Answer the Question Asked – don’t dodge and don’t be vague.

Who owns La Roche?

L’Oréal Group
La Roche-Posay – L’Oréal Group.

What is Roche’s motto?

Doing now what patients need next.

Why do you want to work in Roche?

We rank among the worlds foremost corporations providing innovative healthcare solutions, continuously investing in medical research and development. By preventing, diagnosing and treating a range of health disorders, our products and services have enhanced the health and quality of life of people around the world.

What are Roche’s values?

Three values sustain our culture and further our quest to help people achieve good health and longevity: integrity, courage and passion.

  • Working for Roche means more than just having a job.
  • Our three Roche values are central to how we want to behave as individuals, and collectively as an organisation.