What episode of Deep Space Nine did they get the Defiant?

The new Defiant first appears in the third-season DS9 episode “The Search, Part I” (aired 1994), after which it plays a significant role throughout the series in the ensuing Dominion War.

What episode is the USS Defiant destroyed?

The Changing Face of Evil.
After many missions, the Defiant was destroyed in 2375 during the Second Battle of Chin’toka in the DS9 episode “The Changing Face of Evil.”

Who plays martok’s wife?

Sirella was originally voiced by different actress, but Shannon Cochran reprised the role in a 2020 update. In Articles of the Federation, Martok finds Praetor Tal’aura’s voice to be similar to Sirella’s, an in-joke by Keith R.A. DeCandido, as both characters were played by Shannon Cochran.

When did Worf join the House of martok?

That time Worf joined house of Martok (DS9 S5E21 soldiers of the empire) I was bothered by this for some reason. He was invited into Martok house because he no longer had one of his own.

What episode of Star Trek is the Defiant in?

The ship’s backstory is outlined in its first appearance, the third-season episode “The Search”. The Defiant is a prototype vessel for the Defiant-class warship, originally developed to counter the Borg threat.

Is the Defiant still in active service?

In the game’s story, the Defiant is depicted as still being in active service at Deep Space Nine in 2409. (Upgraded versions are also available, under the class names Sao Paolo and Valiant, with interchangeable artwork.)

What happened to the original Defiant ship?

While the original Defiant is destroyed in the seventh season episode “The Changing Face of Evil”, Starfleet sends a replacement ship of the same class, the USS Sao Paulo in the episode “The Dogs of War”, which receives special dispensation from the Chief of Starfleet Operations to be renamed as the Defiant.

Is DS9 a good show?

Though debuting in the shadow of The Next Generation, DS9 achieved a considerable level of success in its own right. According to a press release through Newswire on April 7, 1999, it was the #1 syndicated show in the United States for adults 18–49 and 25–54.