What happens if you dont destroy Raven Rock?

If the Lone Wanderer does not destroy Raven Rock themself, Liberty Prime will destroy the base (if Broken Steel is installed). When Raven Rock is destroyed, Enclave Radio can no longer be heard.

Why is Nathan in Raven Rock?

8 Nathan Vargas Found Here Despite this, Nathan is found in Raven Rock as a prisoner. Nathan was taken a prisoner by the Enclave at some point and can be met by the player. He will warn that the Enclave are not who they say they are at all. If he lives through the encounter, he can be found in Megaton again.

What does the modified FEV virus do?

According to both Doctors Preston and Barrows, the modified FEV specifically targets the immune system of infected individuals on a cellular level. Barrows mentions that ghouls are usually immune to diseases, but are impacted alongside humans. The modified FEV is undetectable in water that has been infected.

Is there a bobblehead in Vault 92?

In the northeast segment of the Capital Wasteland, you’ll find a location called Greener Pastures Disposal Site. A more specific location is easy enough to pinpoint; the facility is located southeast of Vault 92, and north (and slightly to the east) of both Minefield and the Scrapyard.

Can you enter Raven Rock?

It’s possible to reenter Raven Rock but as stated above, you cannot go beyond the room just before the tower with Eden(where the two sentry bots take out the enclave soldiers as you walk in the room, from level 2. Its a bit less touchy than stated above.

Where can I find the bobblehead in Rivet City?

Go down to the Science Lab area in Rivet City, and head to the ground floor. The bobblehead is on a large line of well-lit tables next to the lockers.

Where can I find the bobblehead in rockopolis?

Enter Eulogy’s Pad at Paradise Falls and go into the back room, where there’s a large heart-shaped bed. The bobblehead is on a table in the eastern corner. Rockopolis is an unmarked location directly west of Smith Casey’s garage and directly north of Girdershade.

Where is the bobblehead in Bethesda ruins east?

The bobblehead is located in Bethesda Ruins East, on the second floor. It’s in the southwest corner of the room with a turret, on a desk underneath a locked wall safe.

Where can I find a bobblehead in Evergreen Mills?

In the Bazaar area of Evergreen Mills, find the bar where Smiling Jack is serving drinks. Go the right, and you’ll see a little nook in the cavern with a workbench and some shelving. Jump over the bench, and the bobblehead is on the shelves right at the back.